I start to feel lost :/

It just feels so hopeless. The game is a mess and I have a feeling like GBX isn’t even realizing that. Another hotfix update without a word about the horrible RNG and loot situation, without a word about an hour to roll for as little game destroying modifiers as possible (how is this even a thing to do in a game?), further trying to “fix” mayhem 2.0 scaling instead of just returning to something that they had already running a few months ago and that worked. I mean, it could be that they just won’t talk about anything they are not sure about and aren’t able to really manage the shear amount of problems that need to be addressed, so they are just being silent for now. Makes sense. But…it just feels like we will be stuck in this situation here for many months to go from now. I am tired. I love this game still. But this is just leading to nothing. I can’t imagine people playing this thing in 5 years.


It sadly may come down to them finishing the content, the a mod team creating a great community patch to address these issues. I really, really hope not.

I still play this game daily and love it, but they certainly have a lot more work to do. It’s extra ■■■■■■ because right after that final balance patch (where they balanced Iron Bear) at the end of the Mayhem 4 era, the game was in near-perfect condition.

MM2.0 has been a gigantic mess in comparison. The modifiers add annoyance, not fun. Really not sure what idiots tested this and gave it positive feedback.

“Hey, Dev, you know how now when I kill an enemy, it may randomly spawn a Death that I don’t see, which will come up behind me and instantly down me while I’m trying to just play the game? I LOVE IT! MORE STUFF LIKE THAT! If possible, can you have a mode where tons of enemies spawn immune to random elements so that suddenly my painstakingly constructed gear and skill build no longer works? Let me know, thanks!!!”


I was in the same thougth prosses but I have realized that they are working on it. ive decided to be patient and wait until it feels like the right time. I play 1 time a week to test patches and stuff, and I already feel good about a lot of the game. I even deleted all my legends and stuff to restart when im ready. right now its looking hopeful and I will return for good some time. the only thing that stings tho is the story. I can replay 1,2,and tps over and over and not complain. but 3 is just a drag and it doesn’t grab me. I hope dlc 4 fixes some things so it works better.

edit: mind my spelling lol


I think the state of the game is just fine… I would like to see pet builds for flak but other than that its fine. People want it to be more difficult and I get that… I feel like man 10 true take download is what they’re looking for just realize that those golden gun builds aren’t really the way it was meant to be played but they shouldn’t be removed because that’s always been a part of borderlands. Maybe it’s just me.


I see zero chance of Mayhem 2.0 being reverted. It is very fair to say, though, that being able to choose (not re-roll) modifiers is much needed.

Perhaps we will have a summer patch or two before the DLC 4 drops.


i also dont see them going back, thats why i feel bad
so much work invested already
for what? 90% of the loot not being viable on the trade marked
mayhem 2.0 doesnt help anyone, its not a progression, its a selection
and loot, well, its just not very motivating to farm for like class mods or shields right now


IMO the drop chance for each dedicated drop should be 1 / 10 and not 1 / 10 / the number dedicated drops in the loot pool.


Dedicated loot sources need their pools drastically cut back for sure. IMO it’s not dedicated if they are the only source for one thing but can drop anything else in the game. If I want random ledges I’ll go kill graveward, but why are hunt challenges in the new dlc dropping destructo spinners?!

Also bosses should respawn by exiting their combat arena - reloading takes a good few mins now on PS4 (it gets longer with each big patch) and it’s not like save quitting is a ‘gameplay loop’ it’s just an annoyance.

I can’t see them reverting 2.0 either. Think about it, GB have shown no willingness at all to acknowledge the messed up state of the game so far and seem to feel the need to ‘save face’ at all costs. This is ironic as it’s having the opposite effect and making them appear either out of touch, incompetent or wilfully deceitful - take your pick.

I’ve been playing games for a good long time, including other long-lifespan ones with ongoing support and adjustment and I’ve honestly never seen such a complete own goal as the mayhem 2.0 patch was for BL3. If they said they got hacked and someone maliciously released a patch designed to do every single thing wrong and ruin the game and their reputation, I might have believed it.


2k support is very open for any kind of suggestion^^


LOL “lost”… This feeling of futility which is commonly expressed around this forum is subject to a variable and it has nothing to do with the game. I am forbidden to speak about the source of this reoccurring issue and it would be a subject steeped in discussion but I digress…

The Op is lost, the Kalthor is 17days on a Gunner class with somewhat full TVH galaxy… Could pick up a job anywhere that feels good for the day or take an area by storm. Just single player, no continuous matches or even any drama whatsoever. Bounty of Blood… Great, still playing it, finished but hit a back up save at the beginning of the DLC just to run it again.

So for instance I have 3 classes yet to play, I have just about played everyday except a intermission of 150hrs in Elex in between Cartel and Gehenna.

Enthusiasm is dependant on the player.
There’s a saying;

“Sail fast enough and the sun never sets.”


you probably didnt read past the title
i like borderlands and i also like the story content they are adding
i feel lost because i see them driving their game against the wall
they either overhaul what they screwed up or the game will be abandoned in a few months and modders will take care of the remaining pieces

I hope it doesnt come to a community patch to solve the issues. At the same time though, it gets me really excited. Just imagine:

-reduced anointment bonuses/option to drop their spawn rate to 0%
-reduced legendary world drop rate
-reduced mayhem health scaling
-removed mayhem weapon scaling
-removed mayhem modifiers
-skill tweaks and new skills (dominance finally removed from the game lmao)
-gear scaling changes
-superball is the best weapon in the game

And the best part? These could all be ticks we could check or not. A customisable experience. Everyone’s happy! (pc exclusively tho)

if there was a community patch in the works, id make moze the best character ever to exist in the history of gaming XDDDD
let alone all the new gear to create :smiley:

IB claws meta? i can only hope

I’m having fun.

“I love my Consecutive Hits,+20% Charge Speed, Corrisive Flipper… that’s all I know.” ~ Moze.

i wish i was that simple
i would have so much fun

You are not particularly complicated.

You’re merely artificially difficult. :wink:

i never stated i was complicated
i am just caring for more in a game but “my op gun, everything dies, pls no nerf”

I feel lost when the developers raise the damage of enemy weapons by thousands of percent and apparently didn’t realize it. This is like number, god who even knows now, of the really, really egregious mistakes that slip the net as GBX tries to fix the game. That is what is crippling my faith that we are going to wind up anywhere that we were intended to be.