I started a new playthrough and it was completely..... refreshing!

I was scrolling through YouTube the other day and saw that Joltzdude had uploaded a new build video for Moze. I thought it looked cool as it was a full IB build and I thought I’d give it a try. Given that I’m playing on console and can’t use his PC game save I thought I’d just respec one of my current lvl 60 Moze characters. After all, I have most of the gear needed, they’re already at max level, they have all of the required farming areas open to them etc. etc… but then I decided I’d try something else.
I started a brand new Moze from level 1 and it was SO refershing !
I haven’t started a new character for quite a while now. The game has changed so much since my 1st playthrough back in September last year however, the best part has been the simplicity of:
I don’t have to worry about Mayhem modifiers, min-max my character, farming for best passive rolls on my gear nor any of the rest of that… complication.
White, green or blue rarity weapons now have meaning again. Crappy legendaries that I have been selling and/or not even bothering to pick up at level 60 are now really cool. (mostly)
Some things are still the same, as they should be. Katagawa Jnr is still a b**** to fight with all of his stupid jumping around, Clay still takes WAYYYY too long to get to the point in Floodmoor Basin and all of his missions, I would still rather have Maya over Ava, Lillith over Tannis.
If you bought this game on day 1 (or pre-ordered like me) playing a new game from the start, after all of the changes and updates that have been made is a completely different experience to what you may remember.
Give it a go, I highly recommend.


oh revolutionary :smiley: who knew endgame is only a small part of bl

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Yeas that is what the large majority of my numerous bl2 hours are, campaign with new characters. Unfortunately I never quite got into the bl3 main campaign but I guess once all the dlc are out this will be enough for a custom campaign.


A new fresh playthrough is always refreshing after months of end game grind.

Although, when I start a new character, I kind of feel like racing to max level, then I have to remind myself why I started a new char and suddenly its fun again. I literally have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the game.

I find myself farming on M10 for the max level weapons like a collector of sorts even though I rarely even use many of the weapons I find myself farming for.

Example: Crader’s-EMP-5.
Why am I farming for hours trying to get a SNTNL Cryo anointed version of a gun that I only use for its bonus movement speed and never really engage in battles using it?


New character playthroughs are boring for me, since I don’t have all my skill tree combat options available, and I love using/stacking them in pitched fights. End game for me isn’t grinding or farming, it’s, as you say, just playing the game for fun. If I want an easy or hard fight, I adjust my loadout and difficulty as needed: the full range of settings from “One-Shot Steamroller” to “Hyperion Fundraiser” are all available.

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the looting in bl3 from 1 to max level (non-mayhem) is the most fun part of this game and in any bl game imo. just grabbing whatever you find and using it makes playthroughs fun bc of the how exciting the loot is. shame that i dislike the campaign a lot, but the gun loop is just so good i kept making new characters in the first few months


Something I’ve never tried is doing “themed” build playthroughs. I see youtube videos of people doing these sometimes, and I think I may try one. You’ll see things like “Torgue Allegiance Moze” or something, where they’ll ONLY use Torgue weapons/grenades. If they dont find any early on, they just use melee only until they do!

I figure I could throw some papers into a hat, and randomly pick

  • character
  • gun/grenade brand
  • shield brand
    and then do a full playthrough with that, with the goal being kill Tyreen in TVHM. Might be really fun.