I still think this game released to early =/

Im sorry guys, but between the elements in PVP. And what feels like missing content in PVE, to the glitchs. I think this game was kinda rush out the door. either that, or the whole game was built around the heros, with some though about the world they are in.
Know it sounds like im just complaining, but the evidence is in the game. =/

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Disagree. The PvP experience feels complete but the technical issues are to be expected from like, any game in the history of ever. As far as PvE goes it was never meant to be a Borderlands-esque campaign with 500 hours of replayability, so eh.


Elements in pvp?
Missing content?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Having a blast here.


[quote=“nosh05, post:1, topic:1408288, full:true”] but the evidence is in the game. =/

What evidence are you referring to? I think its very well done.


idk what you mean by missing content and pvp seems fine to me other than matchmaking issues and a few bugs which are common nowdays in most games


Well i first want to say the game is “fun”.

Incusion feels unbalance where most games seem like a bgw out (about 100 - 0 game) or games that just stalemate at either 50-50 or 100-50. The one lane pushing is horrible even with the alternative routes, and the “noise” in the game makes it hard to focus objectives in team fights. I have experienced several glitch where i was constantly taking damage until respawn, to the game suggestion i buy gear i already brought, to HUD elements overlapping. Some of the Elements of Incusion just feels throw in. Why make a thrall camp thats just 2 thralls? Why not a stronger merc to push the land? The minions are needed to get sentry, so you can’t attack it directly with hero as a means of a distraction of even to catch up. Minions should be there to draw fire, not to just knock down the shields. I really limits the options you have. Incusion feels like two rams butting heads. Incusion is suppose to feel like “Main” PVP game mode, but it felt like something the felt they “had” to put in.

Capture…feels like a mode they made just they added for those not into the the moba thing. They mine as have just made TDM.

The game starts off with an awesome intro and an awesome ending. And thats just about it. Now i can understand not having animation between the misson. But why not the comics? In a matter of fact why no have added the comics from the website in the game? They already showed they could so it. Then there was the cut scene where Melka killed the sentry, (very cool!). But nothing really matched that in the rest of tha game. They did something with Boulder, but it wasn’t nearly as entertaining. Even the last part of Rendain fight was meh. Also after the 1st mission the BB members made is seem like you was suppose to be able to choose where to go, not just follow a straight line. Why have mission type? Escort mission? is there another kind of mission that we don’t know of?

Beyond that there still some of the glitchs i have seen in the beta, like enemies stuck in walls a few times. Some of the texture rendering i saw in the beta though would be improved in the final product. But the lighs on Geoff are still low rez, like N64 low rez ~_~. Its super distracting. Its strange to me because for BB to have such huge maps the game loads strangley fast. The game doesn’t feel polished, more like spit shine. And some elements look like they where either cut, or last minute add ins.

You telling me nobody though it was weird that the game had only 2 comic scenes? where the could have just made those the loading screen, or make it part of story content? That awesome intro, was going to be one of the few times we saw the characters personalities in motion? No one saw the 2 outcast thralls and was like "Why not just put Bulwark? We are using all robots already.

The game feels like it was made only for the heros and everything else had to just fit in with it. Like if they are action figures so you (ugh) have to buy the play set, and (ugh) have to get the figures no one want just because its in the collection. Even now playing, i think…this game could have used another 6months

Its just my opinion of course.


I agree the PvE feels lackluster in content. None of the missions gave any impression that you were contributing to a larger story. Just “defend this tower” or “escort this robot”. Rescuing Caldarius was the only part that felt story related. With the depth and lore they built into Borderlands I was expecting something more story driven. They showed us they had the means at hand to make something brilliant with that intro and ending, but for some reason just… didn’t? Decent cut scenes would have been awesome. The PvP is ok sometimes, but I’m not a big PvP player anyway.

I think that’s just a matter of you not liking Incursion. Personally I like most of the Incursion mechanics you listed that you dislike. As far as the story mode comics go, you have to keep in mind that most games don’t even bother to put that much love into the story. If you can name me a game that has hand-drawn comics and stuff like the prologue song I will be genuinely surprised. The story mode of this game was never meant to be the main focus and so it obviously will not hold tonnes of content.

I say again, every game has technical issues. There is no game that doesn’t have them unless it’s minesweeper or an equivalent.

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Look man i will be honest with a name like “dr_kleese” im guessing your a big fan of the game. So im just going to say this about he game to you, because i already know you gonna believe what your going to believe and im going to believe what im going to believe. Im just going to ask you this questions.

1: Do you think it would have cost GBX a considerable amount to add animated still image in the story? Consider that they didn’t have time to do that, but did have time to make a mobile app thats doesn’t connect to the game at all.

2: Have you seen vast variations in Incusion matchs? Because all i have been seeing is 100-0, 100-50, 50-50 and i feel the lack of variation of score show that its unbalanced. I have never seen a comeback on an Incusion map.

3: Do you think that making the outcast thrall just an over all stronger single unit, over just 2 thrall would have been hard? To just drop a new model from PVE in there?

4: And these arn’t just glitches, they are overall performance/technical issues. You don’t think its strange that a game made by a AAA Publisher, from AAA Dev working on video games for years couldn’t have done better to optimize it?

5: You don’t think its strange that BB tap has a option for you to pay for credits, but the game doesn’t? And the Dev dropped hints of BL3 in the games release. Kind of feels like BB was just a side project (like Blood cry, or Gat out of hell) instead of a whole new IP.

6: You really thing that just because a game that doesn’t have a feature in it (comics) that BB that has comics in it should use more of it in the story? Thats like saying “I could have gave you birthday party, but instead i just made you a cake.” or Dark Souls didn’t have comics, you should be happy there are 2 comic scene. Not really related.

And got to say say BB but NO LOVE in their story. No of the mission connect, they are all just objects to come to an end. No of the mission need to be played in order to figure out what the story is. In a matter of fact the games story really didn’t do anything to promote beating Rendain on mission 8. From the 1st time the save Dande , the story could have just skipped to fighting Rendain and nothing else would have mattered. How is stopping ISIC apart of stopping the veil? The Veil opened up in mission 2, so you technical stoped the invasion TWICE. How did free Calderius help? We saved a bunch of data but that has nothing to do with the story (like ISIC). Saboteur is like one of the only mission where it content directly refers to taking data to stop rendain. There is no plot development.

I will say again. I think the gameplay is fun. but everything in it is just ok. Ok game modes, Ok story, Ok performance.


BB Tap has nothing to do with Gearbox development-wise…

Thrall things are relative opinion/personal tastes…

Incursion scores a few days after launch says nothing when 70%+ dont know what theyre doing…

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Also while I don’t think it will change anything the two middle thrills have shields and guns instead of just a sword.this means that they can shoot things and half of their body is immune from the front. And there are two of them. If you protect your gun thrall they do work. IMO

Yes Sir, seen tons of struggles in Incursion, at one point we ended the game 20-0… the game-mode is super fun at the highest skill level possible, obviously I/we won like 25 incursion matches in a row so we’re now getting matched up with high level players that know what they’re doing and that leads to serious challenges and struggles where it’s vital to kill every minion, capture every mercenary and play safe.

im envious u guys can find games for incursion. I cannot find them at all unless i swtich servers which lags a lot

Do we want to buy credits? Everyone hates microtrans so why would they introducte them? Its in a moble app becuase that free and how app tend to work.

Which server are you from?

United Kingdom here and I play internationally somehow, I invited a few teammates that I got matched up with and people invite me after some incursion performances I do and I found out that some are from across the globe but still play with me with good ping… somehow.

Okay, here we go:

  1. Yeah seeing the same mellka/rath spider killing scene before each mission is redundant and bland, but mellka is the attitude of the game. She personifies the battleborn in every way, while rath is just badass/predicted to be played by many. But there are unique story briefings to introduce you to the cosmic level of importance. My second play through offers more appreciation to what’s being said.

  2. Yes.

  3. This is your preference. The thralls place in the story you despise stay true to form in the multiplayer. They’re just mindless mercs, they’ll fight for whomever overpowers them.

  4. Only real bug I’ve encountered was gear that just equipped freely but didn’t apply buffs, in one game of many I’ve played. Be more specific because clearly It isn’t optimized for you. I think the game is an online service and both are new works in progress for the
    , and the more you play a hero the better you see their optimization. As far as levels and textures, the game is a comic cartoon and is shaped as such. It’s a taste thing, your issue, rather than a quality concern.

  5. Well, It’s a sign of things to come, but sadly I have a windows phone with less app love.

6.you lost me, but ill take cake over a party any day. I am the party.

My hope is for DLC to enrich the back stories of other heroes like rath and el dragon instead of creating just new random side quests that loosely relate to new heroes.

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  1. I will say I preferred the in game engine scene before story missions that showed almost of the Battleborn that they had in place during the Beta over the Mellka/Rath animation (I love the animation, I just don’t think it works as an intro segement to all story missions)
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I kind of feel like you guys are cutting the game to much slack. I think its a few blocks away of how epic i could be…

And i just finished 3 Incursion game

100-0 Defeat
100-0 Win
89-0 Win

So yea Incursion is balanced =/

I’ve had a game where enemy team just surrendered as soon as we did 1 point of damage to sentry so it was:

100-99 Win :wink:

It has huge variety.