I still want a 3rd person mode-- WHO's WITH ME?

I do well with melee, actually I underperform with most ranged characters but excel with melee.


I would 100% love a 3rd person camera, someone suggested that one could play smite or paragon, but honestly I have played both and neither is as good as battleborn. If I could have the same 3rd person camera, which they do use quite often with some abilities and to spectate during respawn time, I would absolutely love it. Maybe that isn’t what they had in mind for the game, but hell, Im sure im not the only one that has seen a message on my facebook feed about how sales aren’t living up to what they expected. Maybe, just maybe, they could add stuff like this in and make a difference to those of us who really would like to see this game from a 3rd person perspective, hmm?

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They already do a whole lotta work that only affects half of the game. They create new PVP modes and maps, they constantly change heroes and gear for PVP balance reasons.

And I don’t think 3rd person view would require that much work. I mean, they already have it, melee heroes switch to 3rd person view on some skills, when you wait for a respawn in PVP you observe other players in 3rd person view.

Do you speak for everyone, huh?)

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Chill, man, chill. I never said I didn’t like the idea of a toggleable third person camera, I just said it’s understandable if they don’t implement it.

I have no interest in playing from a third-person perspective except maybe for melee characters sometimes. However, I fully support its implementation for other gamers to enjoy! I wish more games would give gamers the option to select first or third person.


Yeah no. Please no third person view in PvP. Melee can be annoying but that’s also why so many melee characters rely on surprise attacks that are only possible in first person.
Playing Rath in third person would be hell, because everybody would see you before you can start attacking them.


Nope, was hoping to provide you with some encouragement, believe it or not. I had real trouble playing melee at first. I constantly lost track of enemies and stuff.

One thing that really helped me was playing Kelvin, because he can take a hit, has a nice AoE attack (so if you do lose track of someone, you can still hit them, and he has a nice escape (sublimate is slower now, but still does the job pretty well). Once I got used to being in melee range a lot, it really helped me be more effective keeping track of enemies and what was going on. Since then, I have come to love playing Boldur and have tried the others as well.

I truly believe that if I, as someone completely inexperienced in pvp, can make that adjustment, then anyone else can too.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you do well with melee or have adjusted, its still amassive design flaw that should be corrected.

It’s a first person game, that’s not a design flaw it’s in the design.


I would like for them to implement an FOV slider. This would benefit melee character A LOT.


This kind of attitude is what allowed Beta Ambra to happen.

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It being a first person game doesn’t mean its not a design flaw.

Nothing in the game is designed in such a way for melee to be functional yet they threw it in anyway.

If a game is designed to be played in first-person perspective, and it is, how is that a design flaw? I don’t understand your reasoning.

Again, I don’t understand, and I’ll need a little more than “you can’t melee in first-person” because that’s just not true.

Melee characters are typically the most dominant in one major stat or another, particularly melee assassins who often dominate in kills. So how are they not functional?

I’m not trying to insult you personally here, but some people are better with other characters and playstyles than others, maybe you’re just not good with melee? I suck with most ranged characters but I don’t blame that on design flaws.


Absolutely hate 3rd person view.
btw Pendles bugs out and does it so play him. :smile:

Are you referring to how you can continue attacking during his ult animation?

Yup, I’ve had Pendles bug out and I stay in that mode. :smile:

I would like a fifth person mode where someone writes down what’s happening and another person reads that back to me in their own words while performing a physical reenactment of it.


It’s like playing Battleborn and Telephone at the same time.

While one of your hands is tied behind your back.

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Yeah I see what ur saying… Even if all players had it the melee ones would be at adisadvantage… Although maybe there’s a way around this?.. But wait, other mobas do this all the time… Those games like Smite and paragon aren’t imbalanced simply Bc some of the characters are melee… Anyone familiar with those games want to weigh in on this?

Side thought: What if melee characters were the only ones with the option of 3rd… Would that ruin things?