I swear do not nerf the yellowcake

What is wrong with the people having the pewpew dealing over 180k up to 240 per bullet you want to nerf the yellowcake apparently.

If you ever had a hold on the pewpew you know its high firerate you do millions of dmg in mere seconds and you want to tell me you want to tear down one of the few if not the only viable rocket launchers?

Has people went out of their minds.
I love the yellowcake and its the first rocket launcher i ever really used for a longer time. The ion cannon was cool but not my thing.

I love everything about the yellowcake but a small nerf could make this weapon from god tear into trash tear at least for me.


well, too bad D:
if you can only enjoy weapons that clear maps at the push of a button, why dont you just play on a lower mayhem level as soon as it gets nerfed? :x


Or if you want to continue playing Mayhem10 and feel the launcher is too “ easy” don’t use it. See what I just did? :wink:


Sees the same familiar names. Pulls up a deckchair. Breaks out the popcorn…


enjoy the show


Don’t worry about it. Sometimes these happen because tryhards using the most cheesiest and optimal build with one VH are cleaning houses with the weapon and thinks it’s powerful.

Ion Cannon ammo consumption per shot is still an ugly nerf it gotten. It not even a four consumption per shot which I’d be okay with. Overall you get people who LOVES to ruin a PvE up with those discussions as if they playing a PvP game. Mobs and bosses are too tanky as it is and it taking a toll on my fingers fighting them off.

I sometimes feel bad on why people of those types exist to ruin fun. It’s like they need to run top-tier build and not challenge themselves to NOT use the weapon. If those tryhards could pick up a low-tier gun and show off saying “Hey guys this undiscussed gun puts in work in M10. Use it instead of Yellowcake” but sadly we won’t see that.

They ruin the fun and aren’t helpful in finding alternative routes on discussing how to combat M10 easier


actually both things are a problem

weapons being able to 1 shot in mh10
and weapons not being able to kill a skag in mh10
and the middleground is called balance
its that easy


If other guns were nerfed by GBX, why not Yellowcake?

If Yellowcake won’t be nerfed, then you must agree GBX needs to undo the nerf on other guns?


I don’t see the issue with some builds/weapons being able to 1 shot on M10. We’ve always had cases where at the top difficulty we could put things together and 1 shot every boss in the game. Why is it all of a sudden a problem now?


Can that even happen to other VHs though? Moze probably can with the buffs she has but this is the thing too. Fl4k mains got crappy pets that aren’t doing much. Does Fade Away YC crits and 1-shot bosses?

On the other thread all I see is cheesing Amara and I’m not into that. Anyway if YC is the problem then be a kind person and share weapons that can shred M10 no problem.

Look for positive solution to help the community than a straight negative


1 shotting is a phrase for me
even with suboptimal builds there are balance issues between weapons like…a lot
and thats known, not only for bl3


I don’t agree the ion cannon wasn’t fun to play with even pre nerf, was it powerful? Yes. Fun? I don’t think so it was just a hard hitting uh cannon kind of boring. The yellow cake is actually more fun and requires more skill to make use of the spread for true max damage.


Show me your video of using a suboptimal build and wrecking m10 and I’ll take you seriously. Until then I think you are just saying stuff.


Bad argument let me enjoy the game as i like to if i like that particular weapon so what my opinion has the same value as urs.


whats the problem with enjoying the game on mayhem 6 or what ever, where things are easy to kill?

The yellow cake is cool and I can one shot Traunt, but I do use three other weapons more often than it. Nopewpew, OPQ, Sandhawk and occasionally the Kaoson. All other weapons are mostly ineffective. Oh, Plaguebearer! Great new launcher.

It’s absolutely bonkers to talk nerfs right now until some of the terrible, atrocious balance of all weapons is addressed.

Also based on recent history GBX has been more inclined to buff than nerf. Ion Cannon being the outlier that proves the rule rather than the norm. I expect across the board buffs to weapons scaling and hopefully a fix to the drops so M10 gear, you know, actually drops consistently at M10 with a higher damage.


Nah that logic doesnt apply some nerfs where reasonable for its time.
Balance is ever-changing kinda similar to metas in league of legends.

I can also mayhem 10 without the yellowcake and nothing would change just i would not use the yellowcake anymore if the nerf doesn’t make it feel viable anymore.

so a launcher doesnt feel viable if it doesnt 1 shot a boss on the hardest difficulty of the game?

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How do you know what the nerf will look like?
Maybe it consumes 4 ammo per shot then it wouldn’t be viable anymore cause i can’t get enough ammo back in my current build what means trash item in that case.