I swear, my luck physically resets each week

Been playing most of the week, with mixed results. This weekend was abysmal. Decided to farm the Family Jewel for Loot Ghosts tonight before bed. 20-odd Legendaries (including the groups near map spawn), 12 Loot Ghosts. Now, only 1 of the legendaries was useful (Hellwalker with bonus Cryo damage), and the last attempt saw 3 Loot Ghosts, all of which dropped purple gear. Had I been with a group, I can only imagine what treasures we might have acquired. I am seriously considering just not playing at all this coming week, waiting instead for the next reset Sunday night.

Good old RNG she is a cruel mistress indeed…

Thats the thing that gets me these days. We all understand RNG and its mechanic. Theres been randomization in games as long as I can remember. It was even necessary because linear games without random aspects become boring really quick.

But publishers lately seem to have put RNG on a pedestial somehow. Its simply too much to enjoy anymore. If the spawning of a MoB is randomized and the loot table is again random and so are the item make-ups and qualities then you end up with a randomization factor that is equal to “insanity”

The division 2 overdid it with randomizing loot and they got the bill for it because in the end it was simply frustrating and felt like a waste. Now I see gearbox making a similar mistake. Dont industry companies watch each other to avoid others pitfalls without paying the price anymore? Hey they are free to make their own experience if they think they are kind of special and excempt…just gotta have to man up to the consequences then.

Learning from others mistakes seems to be the norm when it comes to monetization. Its sad to see veteran companies who are known for creativity and quality go down the same route as all the cheap knock-off products that we all hate. But somehow the same process doesnt register for learning from others mistakes in regards to quality.

Or maybe making a good and fun game is simply secondary nowadays…

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