I think Bloody Harvest is the Best Seasonal Event in the History of the Franchise

I LOVE Bloody Harvest and here is why (and y’all don’t need to agree with any of this for us to remain friends :grin:)

  • It’s free.
  • Maurice is freaking HILARIOUS! “Mind tongue” is just a :rofl: addition to the Borderlands lexicon.
  • It’s a limited time event with a long enough window so that casual players have enough time to get all the loot.
  • It affects the entire game thus breaking up the gameplay loop thus keeping the game feeling fresh and interesting.
  • Terror anointment adds a new, interesting, and POWERFUL mechanic to the game. Once again making the game continue to feel fresh and engaging. And as a Zane main anything that passively increases power is good for Zane.
  • Ghosts gives me more things to shoot, adds additional loot sources, especially for lengendaries. And once again it keeps the game feeling fresh and this time more challenging.
  • Haunt is yet another showcase of improved boss design in a Borderlands game. I’m so happy that a Borderlands game has moved away from health-gating as a boss mechanic. Where, for example, in BL2 most bosses had an unavoidable AOE attack that you could only survive because of health-gate.

GBX, I know you are getting a LOT of hate about this event and hate has a tendency to be louder than not hate. So here is a little bit of not hate. I like what you’ve done here. Yes there is room for improvement and some of that has already been voiced on this thread by more moderate voices. But for me and others like me, thanks for bringing something new, interesting, and most importantly fun to the Borderlands universe.


I agree with almost all of your post except this part. This is what has annoyed me to no end and really turned me off. In most of the game, it’s fine. But when I decided to go into Slaughter Shaft, that’s when I got triggered to no end. It’s not even the constant breaking of my shields making surviving harder, the highly mobile extra enemies I have to shoot while already contending with 5 rocket spamming badasses and 2 anointed Zealots. I can deal with that stuff…

But the god damn cryo, why, just WHY? Nearly every enemy in there is a badass, so nearly every enemy spawns a red ghost. On Fl4k I’m killing multiple at a time using Jakobs due to ricochet. And I’m just slowed 24/7 which makes it 10 fold harder to survive since Fl4k survivability in a gun build (non fadeaway) is largely mobility based.

And then there is, trying to level up a new VH. It becomes a real pain in the ass. New players especially I’ve heard time and time again their frustrations. It’s really sad. Just poorly thought out in that respect.

Oh I forgot to mention, with all the extra ghosts and extra loot they drop, my frames tanked to half of what they normally are (round 5 im sitting now at 30 fps instead of my locked 61). Which really is another big turnoff here.

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The part that you hate is a huge part of what I enjoy. I’m older now so I’m not as fast as I used to be. Therefore when challenging content (e.g., TVHM/MH3 Slaughter Shaft) is made harder without resorting to just making every enemy a bullet sponge and I’m still able to do it, especially with the [supposedly] weakest vault hunter, it makes me feel good as an old timer :smile:.

When ghosts 1st started spawning I wasn’t paying attention to where they originated. But once I got slowed enough I started paying attention and I started strategizing accordingly. And the fact that I had to think and strategize is part of why I like it so much. It broke up the routine and asked me to be more engaged in what I’m doing. Here is a build showcase video I did. My commentary is real time and you can hear that I’m accounting for the ghosts in how I choose to engage the enemies.

I was playing a lot of Destiny 2 before BL3 dropped and most of my time in D2 outside of raiding was spent soloing the missions and dungeons that were designed for full fire teams. So for me a few ghosts is just more challenge = more fun!


I’m oldish(40) as well. For me that has nothing to do with it lol. I just enjoy playing on mobility and these skulls constantly rip it away from me, it absolutely triggers me.

Not trying to discredit you, just wondering are you playing MH3 on TVHM? (just re-read, somehow I missed your parenthesis) I’m glad some people enjoy it all, and really this is the only part that bothers me. I’ve actually done the whole kill 25 ghost kill Haunt probably more then 100 times. I very much enjoy the terror gear, the Haunt fight, Heck, the quest to get to Heck, all of that.

I added more to my original post. Please take a look.

And I’m older than you! :crazy_face: … But not by a lot :grin:

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Oh, Zane with barrier. I can see why you don’t mind cryo skulls whos bolts cant hit you. Try it on Fl4k lol. I’m literally permanently cryod especially considering every kill I get is a multi-kill using a Jakobs Fl4k. Zane being a weak hunter is a misconception from people who don’t understand him. Check this guy out for a good example https://www.twitch.tv/kai_tw/videos

Before I get flamed, yes Zane has issues, but he is by no means weak (can be immortal!) and is 100% viable.

Challenge accepted! :grin:

I’m going to do a clone run without the barrier so I can feel your pain! :grin:

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I like your attitude sir.

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The run is up on YouTube. At the time that I’m writing this only the low res version is available so you may want to wait until the high definition version is ready.

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I appreciate you showing this. I do want to point out I never said that I couldn’t complete it due to the ghosts or anything like that. Simply that the cryo they constantly put on it caused me frustration and sucked much of the enjoyment I normally have in SS out of it for me. Nice run though, and good on you for displaying that Zane doesn’t suck.

(I skipped to round 5, I don’t want to watch for an hour <3)

Also you still have a lot more avoidance for it then Fl4k :slight_smile: I cant just swap places with my pet (would love if I could), and my kills are ricochet multi kills so I have them coming at many angles from a single kill. My build that I got really annoyed on is a Rakk Fl4k build who doesn’t have many of those survivability options. Fl4k in a build like this, relies on HP regen(which is not even strong) and move speed. It’s nice to see but it’s still not a fair comparison. Another issue for it is, pets don’t target them, they don’t target pets, rakks dont target them, nades don’t target them, skills don’t proc off of them, etc. That is another thing annoying me in there.

Zane is a survivabilty class. Fl4k is not(he has the lowest of all VH), it’s not a good comparison in the end. You should be able to understand how someone else playing something else could find the Ghosts to be way more dreadful then you do.

My challenge was “try it on Fl4k” by the way <3 Anyways I still very much appreciate you showing an example of how good he is.

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Indeed I do. Which is why I also support the idea of making it so that in future events that affect the entire game you must have that event’s mission active as an opt-in mechanism.

A couple closing thoughts …

I appreciate you and the discussion that lead to the challenge run because I don’t normally use the clone. So it was fun designing a clone build for the CoS and utilizing some really cool gear that I normally don’t have a cause to use.

And finally but most importantly it’s been a breath of fresh air to have an online conversation with someone who disagrees with me but engages in good faith in a manner that allows both parties to understand and appreciate each other’s POV w/o the immaturity and willful ignorance that is normally on display. So thanks for that.

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Right back at you. Again it was very impressive and I’m very happy to see someone realizing the potential of Zane. I utterly hate seeing comments like “Zane is broken/worthless/sucks/the worst vh” etc. Drives me crazy because though I don’t play him, 2 people I watch a lot main him and make very good use of him. One of which does nothing but theory craft and test on him every time he streams.

I have a lot less annoyance when I run it on Moze as it’s less dependent on being able to run from spot to spot quickly and also has Iron Bear to hop in as a fail safe. But on Fl4k it just pretty much ruined the fun I normally have in there. My issue on Moze is that Iron Bear crashes my game pretty regularly when I exit him, so I had to stop running it on her too which really sucks and I sure hope that’s fixed soon.

too much bad with the good to be “best” so I disagree

Mercenary Day was better designed, because it was more user-friendly. It’s self-contained and you don’t have to jump through hoops (collecting and fast traveling back to Sanctuary 3). On the other hand, BL3 Bloody Harvest is more engaging, because you’re encouraged to revisit other zones and there’s a greater opportunity for loot. If they had started the event with the adjusted drop rates of ectoplasm and Haunt, I’d be less disappointed, even though I finished the challenges before the hotfix. For me, ghosts weren’t a nuisance, since I was rewarded for taking them out. But I’ll be honest, I almost never picked up any of the items (lack of inventory and/or items don’t have any synergy). Terror annointments are decent, especially grenades and shields, but they interfered with the Mayhem Week drop rate increase. They have since altered the loot tables and now I miss vendor farming the annointed grenades. My personal suggestion is that the vendors of the seasonal zone keeps those drop rates for those that want to farm those items. Overall, Bloody Harvest was not a smooth experience; however, the devs did provide meaningful content. Legendaries and terror annointments keep me farming and adjusting my builds.

I have found a good use for Captain Haunt.

I use him as a proving ground. He’s always one level up, which for me, makes him a good challenge. If I can beat him in one try, it tells me I have a good combo of skills/weapons/mods etc. The quicker I kill him the better. I’m also finding the best loot in Heck.

I was one of the many that was initially critical of the event. Dare I say, I like it now. I’m actually going to miss Captain Haunt. Not going to miss the ghosts on regular mission mode. But all considered I’ve learned to love the pumpkin.


Like many, many others, my only complaint about this event was that you were forced into it once your character made it to Sanctuary (or had already made it.)

It’s been pointed out already a million times, but I’ll repeat it again anyway heh, but this could have been easily addressed by the initial mission being an optional one given by Maurice instead of it automatically being accepted once you got on Sanctuary. And once you completed it, the ghosts and terror drops/etc would go dormant until you re-took the mission. Those who just want to play the event once and be done, everyone who wants to farm the stuff, and those who don’t want to participate at all, all get their wish and everyone wins.

I hope the Heck Hole sticks around after the event, as an area you can access via Maurice’s machine at any point, so you can go back and farm for terror loot. So that it kinda becomes like one of the holiday-themed Headhunter packs for BL2 that you can always return to. Farming the snowman in the Mercenary Day HH pack felt rather out of season in the middle of August for example, heh, but it was still fun to return there and farm. But I kinda don’t expect that to happen, since they’ve been hyping this as a limited-time thing.


I’d love that but give it a very low chance of happening.
I do hope it will be back next year in some form. Would be a waste to throw their work and our loot in the garbage bin.

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Would be great if it stuck around, but cost eridium instead, or something. Maybe give a lower drop rate, after the event ends, and increase it again next October.
Definitely enjoy using heck like a proving ground, like said above. If you fast travel out before killing Haunt, and then come back to Heck, you can repeat it multiple times. Just a shame you have to skip Haunt to do so.

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I wish they brought back Dr. Ned as the main boss for the Halloween event, and ot give long time BL fans a nod to the first game.

I also wish they used bandits instead of Maliwan troopers, because the bandits have much more potential for the Halloween theme, like Psychos wearing hockey masks and wielding machetes like Jason and some “tinks” having Chucky hair.

And I wish the Halloween map was bigger and more open, and also that you could visit it anytime you want.


He’s looking at you.

Something I want to add.
Technically it is (was) the best event… But what we had was dlc. Either “full dlc” or head hunter pack"
@Derch you forgot the “one” real event in your OP.
The loot hunt.