I think Echleon needs some map balancing

Personally on that map it’s close to impossible to make a come back once a team has the push early they win, I think there needs to be more turrents on the map. With so much space I think the second sentry should have a lightning turrent somewhere to help clear the wave or somewhere on the bridge and for the second sentry when going down that hallway there should be some more turrents to help clear. In turn the shard count on the Map needs to increase or lower the cost of turrents on that map only.

this map is made for easy backdoor tactics using stealth characters even though a team has you pushed all the way to your sentry room you can easily flank them from behind with a oscar mike and deande or shayne and Aurox

Every time i play this map everyone and i mean everyone always goes down the main route. Its so easy to sneak round.

Only thing i dont like about the map is the fact once one sentry goes down they can simply attack the other without even moving forward.

I agree I still wish the turrents were a bit better placed a d I think I e lightning turrebt on the map would help a lot.