I think Guilds would be a really fun addition, down the line

WoW Guilds were a fun social mechanic, and while Battleborn isn’t a MMO in the traditional sense, it is just as social. Guilds would add to the appeal to play regularly, and add to the sense of community. Guilds could have dungeon groups, pvp groups, the like. I realize the pop is low for it, but it seems like it would be a really fun addition.


Could be a thing, but I don’t think there’s really enough players to bother with it right now. Perhaps further down the line as you said it could be really cool, but not at the moment.


Player1: I am part of the largest guild in Battleborn!

Player2: Really? Cool! How many players in your guild?

Player1: Our players number…3!


And the third plays on weekends!

edit: cynical realism aside, it’s a cool idea. Unofficially, it can already happen, right?

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They kind of have this on Discord and you could use a third party site/Facebook as well.

If you’re on XB1 join this discord server:

Guild Member: “Join the Mellka guild, we care a lot about all things Mellka!”

Newbie: “Oh I really like Mellka too! Are there any rules?”

Guild Member: “You can only be at best an ‘Acolyte of Mellka’ as our Guild Leader has made it law that she is the only person allowed to be called the ‘Mistress of Mellka’ or anything similar!”

Newbie: “Why is that?”

Guild Member: “Don’t ask. That’s the second rule of our guild.”


I now feel even guiltier about my week away with Galilea… like I’ve desecrated something special :cry:

You are just waiting for Mellka to get over her “Altitude Sickness” :wink:

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I just started Melka’ing really hard. Man, she flies across the field better than caldy, and geared for attack speed? Whew.

Hot tip from the Guildmistress: run Attack Damage with her, not Attack Speed. I’ve tested it - it’s much more effective.

I really ought to upload that guide someday… :wink:

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You’d better.

I was already sleepy when I decided to be your crash test dummy and I’m still paying off that debt.

Next time, think more carefully before saying “Any deed, any price”

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Every time i hear/read “Any deed, any price” i think about skins and why i need them so bad but i have no $$.

Ooh, Ooh; dibs on The Lollipop Guild!!