I think I am sol, but whatever

I was playing the game (new to the game) I was playing Axton and I had him up around 30 and I HAD over 200 keys, maybe 215 or 220 I don’t remember exactly. I WAS playing on Windows 7 and one their damn updates go by me. I usually pick which gets installed. Anyways this one got stuck in an infinite loop. Could not boot in safe mode either. The update would always get stuck at 35% when restarting my system, I even tested patience and it stayed at 35% for over 30 minutes so I gave up. I had to do the dreaded deed Format C. This time I upgraded to Windows 10 immediately.

Well you can see where I am going with this My game was installed on another drive but my (C:) still had info as all of you know already. I believe it had to have had my character profile because when I started It was gone. My level 32 or 33 level Axton and about 220 keys that I spent a long time inputting… all gone. I have put in 2 tickets. I put in the second ticket after not getting a response by the 8th day.

So anyways I thought I was 100% outta luck, no way to fix it. However I was looking for a fix and came across someone who had a similar situation, and he said that tech support helped him get everything back.

So that’s why I put in the tickets. When I started my new Axton I also picked up some new keys from the site, but I guess there was a problem that when going to Windows 10 your files became read-only. So when I got back on to play again all my progress was gone including you guessed it my keys were gone again.

That was really frustrating. I am aware this is not Gearboxes/Borderlands 2 problem or fault. However, any help would be awesome. Or even an answer saying yep your right your $h1T outta luck (not my favorite response but at least I will have my answer)

I was really disappointed about those keys and the 2 tedious hours it took to add them go. I even missed the free 100 keys! (I have since found some tutorials on how to get out of read-only) which is a 5-minute fix.) for the Windows 10 bug

Plus if I can’t redeem them again, it means they are tied to my account. If they are tied to my account and were not used I should be able to get them back no?

Ya I am probably screwed lol

Still going to play the game, it’s really addictive, and entertaining!