I think I figured out what is missing in BL3 for me...Zone-ness

So in BL2, you go to take on the Bunker, you bring what?

Corrosive weapons, no?

BL3 has some amazing possibilities with different shields (and other gear), but why would I equip a, for instance +50% resistance to elemental effects shield? Well…if there were an elemental “chernobyl” area, I’d rethink my gear.

I submit that there should have been or should be (director’s cut) zones that push us to use certian elemental weapons and also certain legendary shields (defense against aoe, or elements, or a specific element, and so on).

Give us some zone or enemy specific reasons to re gear, ideally without needing to re spec.


I felt like I was way underpowered in the Handsome Jackpot DLC, until I remembered I was shooting robots. Picked up a caustic AR and didn’t change guns until the final boss. So, that one area was somewhat effective that way.


Playing cryo Zane… I only use shock to melt boss shields :sweat_smile:

So much powercreep in this game that there’s not much need to use other elements :joy:

Besides the hellwalker I never even use fire :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Anointments throw away any other incentive to swap elements :yum:

You can’t help to start seeing patterns in this game’s development :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The main weakness in Normal is the lack of Armour (you compare this to the BUNK3R fight, which has a ton of Hyperion robots). The thing is, TVHM (and Mayhem) expands on this by Armouring up enemies (normally Badasses).

The most unique types of enemy in terms of health / shield / armour bars exist in the DLC, true, but I think you’re forgetting Promethea - especially Skywell 27. Plenty of Maliwan balls and mechs in general.

So while there statistically might be less dedicated non-flesh enemy areas compared to BL2 (or TPS), the problem isn’t the lack of diversity. The problem isn’t even power creep. The problem is we have two elements that work well against Armour - Cryo and Corrosive. Cyro in TVHM+ is only 25% less effective than Corrosive. So Armour is inherently less viable as a defensive bulwark. Shield is also heavily countered by Shock (the strongest elemental counter in Normal or TVHM).

There are some issues in that meta weapons often come with multiple elements, but element-stacking has always been “meta” / “broken” ever since BL2 (it’s how Zer0’s kunai build worked, with or without Death Mark). So again, I don’t think it’s power creep necesssarily. Even a crit-damage-build oriented Hellwalker (which is one of the strongest Jakobs guns right now) tickles unless you invest in some elemental modifiers (Zane’s Cold Bore, for example).

Armour was the hardest counter in BL2, basically. There are more ways to counter it in BL3. That’s all.


It made me more engaged in BL2 when I felt I had to prepare for a zone by making sure I had the proper elements. Definitely a point to think about!

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there is no point in any zones since you can create ase setup that covers everything for example mine does.

gun-fire bonus ase next two mags- corrosive shield ase- rad nade ase-shock

i have covered all three kinds of health bars and instantly win every fight. unless anointed gear is removed there will not be any need for elemental matcing unless u want to melt something super duper fast.