I think i found proof that Krieg is Tina's dad, and i can't find anyone talking about it (spoilers?)

Minor spoilers for the end of the Fustercluck DLC!

So, i was looting at the end of the DLC, where all the big treasure is. It’s like my 10th time i enter it.
And i thought of looking at the gold coins, so i zoom into the floor.
And i find that the cois have 2 characters in them. Only 2, no more. And vault signs.

(Pretty sure you can deduce who they are without opening it but just in case…)

Here’s my fat conclussion, spoilers for real this time:

So you’re telling me that in the deepest bit of Krieg’s mind, hidden away from everything else, in a room full of TREASURES and what he loves most (haha vault hunter go looooooot), it just so happens that Tiny Tina is being represented in coins next to Maya, the person he values most?


Because that’s BL3 tina, isnt it? I dont have any sight problems as far as i know.

I find curious how i just walked over them without ever noticing, same way as if krieg was unaware of the tina coins.
Are they just remnants? He cared for tina but forgot?
Is vaulthalla a place to hold what he loves most? Meat, loot, maya and tina?

Or is this a cheeky, sneaky way for gearbox to close the talk about tina and krieg behind the scenes?
(personally, it works for me. But if this is real and tina is the daughter, i’d love to see a new dlc where we work with tina to find out about it or something. Where the B-Team is flexed beyond giving sidequests)


I mean yeh, but on the other hand that might just be who Krieg considers the next thing to family. I mean, at one point we do witness him lose all memory of who his family was, but he still does have memories of Tina asking him for psycho lessons at one point…


At one point near the end of the story, there’s a glimpse of what I assume is Krieg’s family walking away and the one on the right kinda looks like one of them (the hair), but she’s taller than Tina if I remember right.

Hmmm I guess it’s Photo Mode time to stop the action and zoom in and see next time someone plays through the DLC story.

But that pic does clearly look like Tina. Same headband (minus bunny ears) etc.


I screen shot those and thought about posting it, but decided not to cause eh. It’s a nice nod to fan head canon.

Those are the Konrad’s Hold echoes and take place in the time frame of the current game. They’re new Memories, he lost the old ones.

Tina is actually a Psycho on the good side if you look at how she acts and how everyone refers to her “Nuttier than a pile of Squirrel s###.” to quote Wainwright. Maya was his heart, Tina a kindred spirit at least. At worst he could have seen her as a surrogate daughter, but hopefully all the Vault Hunters do.


Yes. I think the reason Tina is taking that spot on the coins is because Krieg lost all memory of his daughter and needed someone from his still existing, newer memories to take that place in his mind and Tina does at least consider him a mentor.


At one point a Borderlands dev said that Krieg was not Tina’s dad. The possibility remains open that they are related in some other manner but they are not father and daughter


And like i was telling my friends, “Randy also said the USB contained magic tricks”.
They could always twist it like, “oh krieg is not the father of tina. The father was whoever krieg was before the psychosis! Daniel, form the Dahl communications team!”, and boom, twit from 9 years ago solved.

Also, like Isthiswill said, this is still a nice nod form the devs.
If it’s just that, im happy either way. My krieg main friend sure is happy to know about this xd, and that works for us.

(PS: Gearbox, make that B-Team dlc anyway, come on, im buying your damn Seaon Pass 2)


I think we are far from seeing the last of Krieg. BL3 is dripping with hits that there is some kind of relation between the Psychos of Pandora and Sirens. Psycho Krieg while being an interesting story had one hickup that bothered a ton of us.

Hyperion didn’t have a notable presence on Pandora prior to the death of the Destoryers Avatar. There is no way Hyperion was rounding up bandits and former Dahl by the hundreds without Atlas or Helena Pierce knowing something. It begs the question is the Psychos epidemic actually linked to Eridians and Sirens?

It is always possible that Kriegs experience is not actually the norm and that Hyperion experiments where inspired by the existing psychos. But having to make those connections adds some confusion when Fustercluck stated we where going to learn the origins of all Psychos though Krieg.

I mean all that is still less confusing then trying to timeline the Echo logs from “Getting to know jack” with the events of TPS and BL3s jack and angle side quest XD but now I’m getting off topic.


This may be of interest to you.


I thought BL2 had established Tina’s parents died saving her, through echo logs.


Not really, they did get experimented on, with slag.
It would explain Kreigs action skill ability & how he lost his memory


I think one of the reasons they didn’t fallow this is due to the fact that is was slag experimentation. It is funny how we find all these experimentation notes on human trials in the wildlife preserve. I always saw this as them finding that animals were actually mutating vs the human just dying in all sorts of awful ways.

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