I think i have found an interesting fact in all borderlands songs

Hi, i wanted to post here because i have found some interesting facts about borderlands songs and i wanted to show it, this is just a theory.
In all games since borderlands 1, there is an intro song and a credits song, and if you look closer there are some suspicious things.
Those are the titles of all songs in every game until borderlands the presequel.
Borderlands 1:
Intro-Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked

Credits-No Heaven

Borderlands 2:
Intro-Short Change Hero

Credits-What makes a good man

Borderlands the presequel:
Intro-Black Dragon

Credits-Come with me now

Listen to the lyrics, and it seems like they are actually speaking to the player:
In borderlands 1 you start with the vault hunters scaping from their planets, No having rest;
and when you finally kill the destroyer and open the vault, theres nothing to you, there is no heaven to you.

In the presequel(that is tecnically before borderlands 2) you start going to the moon to help jack to save it, going in a rocket, a rocket that can be seen as a dragon;
and when you open the vault and jack becomes handsome jack, he thinks he is the hero, the good, and what really makes a good man?

At last, in borderlands 2 when you start being shooted by jack orders, in an attemp from jack to conquer pandora(And somehow bring peace to it) you scape from the situation, and No hero can help pandora.
In the end, you kill jack, and you keep pandora as a dangerous,arid and hostile planet,
so how do you like vaulthunters now?
And sorry for bad english.

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I thought the ending credits song in the Pre-Sequel was The Heavy’s “What Makes a Good Man”, not “Come With Me Now”. I haven’t played the Pre-Sequel, but I watched some videos, precisely to find out what song they used, and in every single one of them, it’s “What Makes a Good Man”. As far as I know, “Come With Me Now” was only in the game’s trailer. Also, that’s not really an easter egg, man. They’re just choosing songs that share the game’s themes, set the mood for it and help them tell the story. It’s common practice in both movies and games. It’s not something hidden that you might miss at first or even an obscure reference. You’re actually supposed to notice that the songs tell the story and I’m pretty sure most people notice it right away.

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True, my fault.

The intro song of BL 2 is to tell you that you are NOT a hero.

Same with BL 1. They’re intentionally made like that. With BL 1 going as far as saying that you are wicked. (And you are, since you came to Pandora to rob vaults)

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Called they put in real music not the auto tune junk or corporate junk, real artist songs and artist writing there music. It hit your inner soul. You hear what you want to. That music.