I think I just figured out Click Click

i think the point of the skill is to go into fights with zero ammo reserves and an empty mag. Toss out grenades to start refilling your mag while holding down the trigger to shoot the returned ammo as fast as you get it. I noticed this guy doing it with the Hive:


I’m trying to find good synergy with click click and redistribution to get a pseudo money shot going… I’ve tried to test but clarification on mag size limits/percent left would be helpful

I am going to test it with some direct fire weapons this weekend; will report the results.

Good luck… i think GR ccccombo is messing with numbers so it is very difficult

From my testing when compiling the Moze gun damage formula Click Click is linear. If your mag is 40% empty you get 40% of the bonus, 75 empty = 75% of the bonus.

And yeah c-c-combo is painful to test with. I found there seemed to be an always on 2% biff from it and further shots gave larger bonuses.

Edit: Something to consider if you try to exploit Bottomless Mags and Click Click is that Redistribution and forge can’t regen you ammo when you’re at max. So if you empty a portion of your mag and then fill your ammo reserves your mag will be soft capped.

If that is the case then you would never hit 100%. There has to be a percentage where you get the full effect. Like say if you have 10 rounds… where would you reach max click click damage…also, what about 4 shot pistols. Would i be getting max every last bullet or would i never get max because 25% or 1/4 is never low enough to see the full benefit

I’d have to grab something like a hundred mag shredifier to be sure that there isn’t a point where the percentage suddenly jumps. But the testing I did do was very conclusive that the percent empty is taken before the bullet is fired and that the damage is directly proportional to [mag before shot fired]/[full mag size]

I am not sure what the math would be, but i just tested on a spare account with no guardian ranks. And I have a com with just click click so nothing else was affecting number. With a 5 round pistol the last bullet got a 14% increase in damage. With a 20 round AR the last bullet got 17% increase. So you will never get the full 36% unless you are running a really large mag. This is unfortunate because 15-16% with something like the Maggie is just not worth the investment. However something like the Shredifier could do well but managing the ammo around 10-12 would be out of my fun zone. I could be missing something but i just don’t see how click click is worth it.

Yeah a deeper analysis of Click, Click is on my to do list as from what I’ve seen so far I came to the same conclusion as you.

I went down the tree only doing to mag size just to put more points into CC. With nothing else affecting damage and max increase being 60% from CC

using a 155 mag Shredifier i got:

Initial damage (first bullet)- 778 dmg

Last bullet (1/155)- 1127

If i am not wrong that is only around a 45% dmg boost

Using an 8 shot ranger i got:

First bullet- 2116
Last- 2950
About a 39% damage boost

So from a 8 round to a 155 round your never get close 100% of the 60% damage boost. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t see myself snagging a 300 round AR and tring to manage the last 50 rounds for a 60% (or 36% with 3/3)boost to damage. I rather grab a low mag pistol like the Maggie and bank on every couple shots having 40% damge


I’ve found Click Click works amazingly well with the COV legendaries “Pain is Power” and “Embrace the Pain” especially when combined with a “elemental projector” relic.

Oh absolutely, the question is do you ever get the full effect of 36% with 3/3 in Click click

I’m interested in this also. I was hoping that with a gun like the one pump chump I’d be getting the full effect of click click… but it sounds like according to your research I wouldn’t get ANY bonus whatsoever.

I havent tried it, but seeing as it does take into magsize somehow i know you wouldnt get the FULL effect. you may get some. but idk.