I think i just played on the worst team ever

i think this team was a team of bots to be honest because they were absolutely horrible, they played like a bunch of oscar mikes and ironically the enemys oscar mike was good. believe it or not my team didnt do that stupid tactic where they sit back in the sentry doing nothing(still dont see how thats a tactic), the only reason we survived the full 30 min was because i was killing everyone the only one who could kill me was their rath. might possibly be the worst game ever


Seems like a PVE squad. Good minions, terrible deaths.

If you think that’s the worst team ever, consider yourself lucky. That looks like my average game.


The only reason you survived 30 minutes was because they were killing minions/elite bots/thralls and probably doing the thrall and stuff.
Not, because you were killing everyone. three of your teammates also participated in 25-33% of the total kill made on your side, even if their killing blow wasn’t that great. Boldur looks like he had a very hard time, although he killed minions. Would be better to see damage taken for boldur, and damage dealt/buildables and the like for the others.
Anyway, contrary to what you think, a team doesn’t need someone to go 20 kills to resist 30 minutes. but they sure need peoples to kill the minions and push back the enemy team by damaging them (killing is optional). You wouldn’t have survived 5 minutes if they didn’t kill minions like that while you were running around chasing enemy BB.
There’s more than one role that need to be played in order for the team to win.


Yes i realise this but killing BB helps more then some people realize, without them the minions dont have a chance

Of course it helps. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have done that. The char you picked looked far more adapted to finish them off than to kill minions. What I’m saying is that, they contributed far more to the team effort than what you’re saying.
Minions don’t have a chance only if there are battleborn to kill them tho.

Where is everyone?

(Your team stands in shock, looking for enemy team, who are all inside the respawn area taunting each other.)

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Played with the same and there’s a match where some team gave up 116 kills to the other.

Question: how the f*ck does someone die as Mellka 20 times? Did they just stand still and shoot there’s no way they did anything different.

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Had a Pendles on our team yesterday that stayed in the Thrall spawn area striking it the entire time.

Thus is exactly why im asking myself, wtf is wrong with this team and why i posted this. But our mellkas accuracy was horrible, luke i said everyone on my team besudes me played like oscar mikes

A Mellka with 20 deaths…!!! :open_mouth: and a Boulder with 15 deaths…!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: … Yep, the world is going to end…

Worst team ever?
Worse than the 1974-1975 Washington Captials?


To be fair, I think the Boldur got focused hard.
There’s just no good way to assess the skill of an enemy Boldur before he gets to Level 5. And by then, he might be too powerful. So my guess is, they just tried to stall his leveling as much as possible.
(Like @zefyris said, it would help to see the full statistics to spot things like that.)

Also, @alchemyforever: You might want to censor Player Names/Gamertags, if you post scores.
I totally get why you had to post this and it might not be a bad thing, reminding people of the basics of the game through a discussion.
But no one wants to be put on display as a bad example.


This seams like a very average game to me. I’m the person in your position, and am surrounded by people pay much not doing anything.

oh alright i dont know how to do that tho

Just open the image in paint and put black bars over their names.

Oh ok

Probably should’ve had a healer.

To be fair, healers mean nothing in bad groups to begin with.
If they aren’t pulling out before exploding before a healer, why’d they do the same with a healer?
They’d just yell at the healer for not providing protection while they are balls deep in the fray.

I’ve had this happen.