I think I just wasted 80 dollars

THE ONLY reason I bought this collection was to play on my XBox One and have my badass rank transferred over. Does anything work at launch these days? What was with the 16GB update!!?

I understand 2K and Gearbox are working on this issue, but I feel very ripped off? How did this pass quality control? I refuse to play until I get my badass rank back as it should be.

Any gearbox personal care to shed some light or give us an update other than the “feel free to enjoy the game as is for now” BS?

Hi there @Sandman705,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing the BAR issue. I can assure you that the team is hard at work to get things back on track in that respect. As soon as there’s more info, we’ll certainly update everyone. Thanks for your patience!

hopefully this is fixed by tomorrow…

It’s a little upsetting. Gearbox is my second favorite developer. This one hurts a little bit. It seems the new gen launches have been all sub-par lately. Seriously, think about all the problems in the last year with these systems. I think I won’t be getting any games on day one any more. I am going to read forums for a few days after any game releases for awhile.

My patience is wearing thin. Day 2 and no fix, no update even. I just called the store I bought the game at and they won’t refund me my money. Is gearbox going to refund me and all the other players who purchased a product and didn’t get what they paid for?

I’m not trying to be an entitled and spoiled little brat. But I work hard for my money and my main hobby is gaming - I have given 2K and Gearbox A LOT of my hard earned cash over the years.

I refuse to play this game until a fix is announced. I’m going to talk to the store’s manager tomorrow about a refund, because I was sold a broken game. Not the store’s fault, but they sold it…I want my money back.

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No, you’re certainly not coming off as a spoiled brat! No worries there. I totally understand where you’re coming from. All I can do at this point is to reiterate that the team is taking these issues very seriously and working hard to get things corrected and resolved.

I’m sorry for the trouble that you’re experiencing and I hope you’ll hang in there so you can enjoy HC!

Thank you sir. If you is your real name then you have a good name, that’s my name as well!! lol

I understand the team is working on this. It’s very frustrating. I am attempting to get my money back from the store…who knows if they do refund me I’d consider getting HC again when the issues are fixed.

Thanks for actually responding to me!!! Be well dude. Have a great night.

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My pleasure! We understand that you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, I just hope you’ll hang around and enjoy the game when you finally get to play it!

So frustrating. I had to rebuy presequel just to do my transfers and now since there is no BAR transfer I’m going to need to return the game and buy it again. A timeline would he nice since I can hold on to the game until Monday but I don’t feel like being out another 40 bucks because of this.

@rickyh241 – if you still have a save currently uploaded, you won’t need to re-upload to get your BAR and customizatoins once they update is in place. One re-download should resolve!

That is good news. Thanks for the info. Can I have one character uploaded for each game? Or is it just one total?

@rickyh241 yes sir!

Good news. Hopefully this is fixed up for the weekend. Because all plans (besides WrestleMania of course LOL) will be cancelled! haha

Well…I guess all my weekend plans are still on lol

I can still play the game but the problem becomes worse when i open my inventory or use a vending machine. I still play the game, but it is a constant pain. I hope they find a solution this week.