I think I might have found out the inspiration for the moonshots

So, I was reading 1984 about a month back, and in the first act, during Chapter 8, this happens :

Suddenly the whole street was in commotion. There were yells of warning from all sides. People were shooting into the doorways like rabbits. A young woman leapt out of a doorway a little ahead of Winston, grabbed up a tiny child playing in a puddle, whipped her apron round it, and leapt back again, all in one movement. At the same instant a man in a concertina-like black suit, who had emerged from a side alley, ran towards Winston, pointing excitedly to the sky.

‘Steamer!’ he yelled. ‘Look out, guv’nor! Bang over’ead! Lay down quick!’

‘Steamer’ was a nickname which, for some reason, the proles applied to rocket bombs. Winston promptly flung himself on his face. The proles were nearly always right when they gave you a warning of this kind. They seemed to possess some kind of instinct which told them several seconds in advance when a rocket was coming, although the rockets supposedly travelled faster than sound. Winston clasped his forearms above his head. There was a roar that seemed to make the pavement heave; a shower of light objects pattered on to his back. When he stood up he found that he was covered with fragments of glass from the nearest window.

Yes, sure, there’s a bombing , but later on in the book, further bombings are mentioned, and they seem to come out of NOWHERE, and target innocent civilians. And in Act 2, Winston’s new GF, Julia, speculates that the government bombs the people to keep them in fear.

Now, does this sound similar to the moonshots to you? They come from the sky, they travel really fast and they shake the ground briefly when they land.

Cough drones cough, cough 'merica cough.

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No- now if you want to say long range guided missiles yes, they were/are used far more often. Drones are a more recent phenomenon, certainly not as prevalent use when this game launched as today…

I just meant that after reading the paragraph, that drones were the first thing that popped into my head lol.

It just seems like a cost-effective way of sending stuff through space, honestly. Heinlein wrote about it too in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

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