I think I owe GBX an apology

I have to say after today’s patch… I’m suddenly having FUN again. I think it’s been a solid 2 months since I’ve played this game for any significant amount of time and a huge part of that was my distaste with the mess that was M2.0.

Those of you who know me know how many negative topics I’ve made about the game and GBX since M2.0 came out . I went from playing 5-6 hours a day to 0.

But now… with IB feeling so AMAZING I am now free to say goodbye to M5 and jumped straight to M10. Couldn’t do that before because IB was worthless past M5.

I think the way they fixed IB is brilliant, not just the massive damage it does (and a multi ton giant robot SHOULD do a ton more damage that a measly human every could) but how they brilliantly massively buffed his armor , meaning the glaring issue of being forced to use splash weapons to heal is no longer an issue. IB has enough armor I was using normal mini and cryo gun and it didnt get destroyed once .

But the irony is… now the splash weapons are arguably the worst option for keeping IB alive. One misplaced shot from explosive mini and IB immediately dies. The only safe splash weapon is the nuke. That’s it.

Still… I guess that’s the tradeoff with using the more powerful splash weapons… you have to be strategic and keep a distance from enemies. I can live with that.

Its also wonderful grenades now scale. I haven’t done a ton of testing but most of the old classic legendaries like Night Hawkin and Maggie feel great at M10. Most of the old legendaries seem good now and I’m happy with that.

I’m not changing my mind about the modifiers though. For me they make the game much worse and less fun. I just have to find the least offensive modifiers and live with it, but why do I even need to do that? Shouldn’t additions to the game make it more fun and not less so ?

Still, I think I’m going to give the DlC a shot now. I can live with the current game balance. My biggest fear is that GBX will nerf Iron Bear but I certainly hope not. He feels exactly what he should for a 3 ton giant robot .

At any rate, good job GBX. Great patch , and probably the first good thing you did since before M2.0

Now If any of you fine people have a non elemental consecutive hits Shreddifier on ps4 I’d be more than happy to take it off your hands :grinning:


Yep, and they just buffed the crap outta Zanes clone. That thing shreds now lol


Wait another hotfix ?

Is this the same GBX we’ve been complaining about all these months ? What’s going on ?

Haha yea, they just released it like an hour ago. Go check out Thiccs video, his clone was melting Traunt on m10, Thicc didn’t even shoot his own gun once and Traunt died in like 10 secs lmao

One good patch doesn’t make up for the 10 months of garbage.


Agreed. There are still issues that haven’t been addressed. And! This was the expectation for m2.0 from the get go. We shouldn’t let this patch or DLC fool us.

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I still do not like.mayhem 2.0 modifiers.

But it has improved vastly


I’m staying at M8 precisely for this reason. I can live with 2 modifiers, but trying to rng through 4 is just a royal pain.


It took me a few minutes to realize it wasn’t me killing Traunt. I just stood by and watched my clone fry him with a shock Backburner. Knew something had to have changed. Now I know. Haha. Thx

I’m sort of with you on this because I have been rather negative lately and this patch is a welcomed surprise. However, I wouldn’t say that I owe GB an apology because the updates and “fixes” have been really bad for a while which hasn’t instilled much confidence in the game and the future.

I will agree with you that this update is finally some good news for the game and I’m also having fun again. GB has at least addressed some issues and made some positive changes to undo some of the missteps in recent patches. Huge kudos to GB and thanks to them for addressing many of the issues at least to some degree.

All that being said I still have to say that I’m a bit worried for what is to come because much of it feels like bandaid fixes instead of fundamental fixes. It sort of feels like the game direction is an out of control train wreck…careening from update to update. Between the anointment system, the M2.0 system, the overdone nerfs and buffs, the scaling issues and the seemingly deliberate strategy of continuously making gear obsolete with poorly timed level increases after “limited time” content or DLCs…I’m not sure where this game is going to end up in the near future tbh.

In another thread @Prismatic sort of outlined some of these underlying issues in a thread about the most recent Bordercast (full post is long but worth reading IMO).
An excerpt of that being:

Now maybe GB has some big master plan to pull all these threads together but their constant changing of the difficulty system and wild nerfs and buffs and level increases is not really giving me the feeling that there is any master plan.

I’m glad the game is in a much better place right now. The game has definitely swung wildly back to the “fun” side of the pendulum. I’m sure it wasn’t easy so I have to give props to all the GB ppl that clearly worked hard on it. I just hope we aren’t in for another massive over correction in the near future because of the lack of clarity on where the game is going.


Wait, last I heard, IB wasn’t getting the scaling with mayhem like he was supposed to. Did they fix this?

Last night the game was fun again.

But there is still much work to be done.
Mayhem modifiers could be fun if there were some pretty big adjustments/changes to them. Unless this happens they will forever be a hindrance and annoying/tedious instead of fun.

As another poster stated, I am probably going to stick with M8 just because of the modifier stupidity.
Which brings up a point. I have found my M10 level 57 weapons on par with the M8 level 60 weapons. Sure I could go and re-farm (again) but I don’t want to hold on to two or three exact same weapons just because of MH level. To me that is just plain dumb.
The scaling issues are a mess, and would not exist if they had thought out a proper Mayhem redo. What was done really creates alot of problems I don’t see being easy to address. The longer this goes on, the worst it’s going to get.


Yes, they did. There was an odd effect with Dakka Bear cancelling out the scaling, but a hotfix was pushed out today to address that (and a clone issue iirc).


Haha yea dude, it’s crazy. I literally just did that with my shock backburner. I had to respec to a seein dead blue tree/red tree double capstone and it’s pretty hilarious

I’m actually doing the same thing. I’m playing on M8 for now and my 57 M10 weapons are doing well. Makes for an easier bridge to 60 M8 or M10 weapons. I wish none of this was a thing tbh and “mayhem” didn’t scale gear at all.

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Altho this patch may be a step in the right direction this comment stills rings very true. I would prefer to see some consistency before they earn any respect back.

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Was doing m10 easy before this patch on moze. Doing it even more easy now. And even more bored of the game. Xpac took an hour to clear on m10 if you don’t count all the damn slow walking. Was 2 weapons that were half interesting to farm(still not as much damage as a nerfed level 57 yellowcake). This was by far the worst xpac of the 3.
The game is still garbage and they deserve no praise.


I’m pretty sure the clone and drone are doing more damage than I am now!! :laughing: It’s very entertaining to watch.

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I got to say, I agree with OP as the gameplay is in fact more enjoyable. However apologies are a bit too much, Gearbox are just putting some dirt back to the hole they dug themselves, and as long as the gear scalling continues to be a part of Mayhem, I’ll maintain my negative opinion about the whole concept.

Also I cannot help myself from saying that despite my thoughts on it, this is the Mayhem 2.0 that should have been launched in the first place back in April. All the problems that Phases 1 and 2 have dealt with should have been considered before launch, before having the playerbase play it out and point out the glaring issues.


Huh? My nighthawkin tickles the bad asses in the slaughter shaft.

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