I think I'm done...... :-(

I am so disappointed and downtrodden with this game right now. Between the constant gear farm during the limited time available events, the polluted loot pools that you are lucky to get the legendary you want… The now polluted annoint pools that now even if you get the item you want it’s almost guaranteed not to get the annoint you want… And now breaking the looting all together is the final straw. Played cistern and saw zero legendaries…ZERO! How the ■■■■ does gearbox say “adjusted legendary drops for mayhem 10” and they completely obliterate legendary drops ffor lower mayhems. A slight number tweak and you ■■■■ up looting for the game that is supposed to be a “looter shooter”… Head desk

Ever since Cartels and 2.0 came out its just been slaps in the face and game breaking issues, and the fun and interest in looting for better gear has just sucked the life out of my favourite game that I have loved playing since release. The DLCs have been great but the events with limited time loots and now limited time annointed is just ■■■■■■■ ridiculous… Oh and the ability to tell the difference between a mayhem 4 and a mayhem 5 item is at least a month away… Did they even test this ■■■■!.. Getting tired of being their alpha/beta tester

I actually have stopped playing aside from leveling a character with some friends that are still leveling up and haven’t hit end game. I don’t have the heart to tell them the ■■■■ Show this game is currently in …

Can Gearbox just cancel.all this ■■■■ and bring us back to the Borderlands we had last month… When the game was still fun and worked


A lot of us feel the same way. I can only suggest that it sounds like a good idea for you to take a break from the game at least for a while and maybe just keep an eye on patch notes and player feedback to see when might be a good time to revisit it. If you can find no enjoyment in it currently (which i totally understand) then the only healthy thing to do is step away.

I’m only still playing as 1. Bored 2. Nothing else to play and 3. I still have a good laugh playing coop - but that’s due to the company (Misery loves it) not the game.


There are a LOT of other good games to play. This comment reminds of Destiny players that just keep playing no matter how crap the game currently is.


No other games that I’m interested in - also that I can afford to buy given current circumstances.

But as soon as I feel I’m not getting any enjoyment from it or the balance of annoyance/disappointment to fun shifts unfavourably I’ll find something else to do. It sounds like the OP is there already.

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If warzone takes care of their PC crossplay cheated problem I may jump back for awhile but I’m with you there’s nothing I can afford/not want to play atm.

I’m still waiting for the supposed Outer Worlds dlc

I think honestly this is what im going to do too. I have farmed all the meta weapons and takedown loot is completely bugged so its unrewarding as hell, i can basically safely ignore 90% of the game’s loot because all of them are trash compared to Sandhawk/yellowcake/monarch/OPQ/Kaoson/Reflux.


Same. I already have 10 VH through NVHM and 4 through TVHM. Not making another character and farming is pointless. Started playing my backlog today. Probably won’t play B3 until it’s on next-gen as a “Complete Edition” and they are done screwing with it.

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the only condolence i can give is I’m pretty sure anoints are never temporary, the new ones will stay around after the cartel is over.

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I’d add that, for me at least, the prospect of new VHs would do a lot to keep my interest, or at least give me more incentive to come back after taking a break. Even with a broken game, I’d try a new character as I still enjoy the levelling up process and figuring out how to play a VH.


This is why you cant make 90% of the loot utter trash man, once you get the meta weapons you basically done with the game, unless you like to intentionally gimp yourself.


This is why I hate the free events. Dlc seems to give new weapons to farm for when ever and they are similar power to the other weapons on previous content. Everytime there is a free event… they release OP limited time weapons and destroys balance… Next they will wait until cartel.is over… then up level cap so the op cartel weapons go obsolete… They have done it the last two free events… annoying as ■■■■


Feel similar. I am just checking this forum, to see what state the game is in. Might return if the major issues get fixed, or to play the next DLC. At the moment I have ZERO interest in the Guardian Takedown. I am not not done, but right now I play other games.


I can’t say I’m a fan of how GBX dose hotfixing and patching. Battleborn had lots of ups and downs during its life cycle because of a lack focus on stability issues and a big focus on moment by moment balancing. The game also had it’s fair share of bugs and exploits similar to BL3. The team would launch balance changes then a patch with bug fixes and then decide to revamp a character that was OP or weak and undo 3 months worth of hotfixes and patches on said character.

It is some times hard to remember that GBX is relatively small for a triple A developer, also the fact that they are privately owned and seem to work at there own pace.

BL3 has a great initial experience that can be dampened by a number of things. The end game has been a work in progress since launch. The game still has a ton of bugs and stability issues. It’s being updated like a live service game.
Honestly the more I played the end game before the last bundle of content the more I felt like the game lacked the kind of distinct experience if that makes sence. BL2 I knew the goal, I knew how the game was supposed to play and feel. BL3 feels like lootapolusa meets farmaggedon. Was it about the journey or the destination with BL3? I really can’t say. All signes point to destination but everything tries to convince you it was about the journey.

I think the game needs to figure out a way to help player feel more accomplished and proud of what they achieve while still being able to add content that is meaningful and enjoyable for the long term.

Personally I would see timed content made permanent and the pace of the games level progression cut by atleast 30% but at that point I’m just asking for BL3 to be more like BL2. Maybe GBX is trying to little to hard to forge a new Borderlands experience while keeping the legacy of the series intact. Regardless of what happens to the franchise I feel like BL3 was not the best but an enjoyable entry in the series.


I whole heartedly agree with you. Doing dlc bosses and getting willow the wisp and generic world legendarys. Empowered grawn twice. Whats going on now evennthe dlc is corrupted and lower than normal.

It’s in their interest to keep giving you things to chase, so you might check back in after a month or so. The loot will get balanced, and then they’ll introduce new loot to chase that outclasses it, and then they’ll rebalance, and then they’ll introduce new loot to chase, and so on.

These guys put together a pretty solid product, all things considered, and even the criticism implicitly acknowledges that. Nobody posts goodbye threads in the forums of boring games. Give it a minute.

This is their jacked up way of keeping people playing.

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Unfortunately they have said they do not intend to have new vault hunters. They are instead going to have additional skill trees for existing vault hunters. That is the last information I heard on the subject.

The last I heard from GBX was they do not plan to release any more level increases for a goodly time. They wanted to work up to a double capstone and hold there for a while.

I heard gbx are giving the game more level cap increases, new skill trees, balancing,item card changes and new free content to aline with mayhem 2.0

Motivation gets difficult with any game after we sink 1000 hours into it in a few months. Had to throw that out there.