I think it is time for a refund...in some way

The video pretty much shows it all…We are in week 7 after the release and the price has dropped to 14,28% (1/7th) of the initial release price many players who love and supported from early on Battleborn paid. And it all started with the useless way too big discount upon the release of Overwatch. Such discounts must be planned beforehand and as Overwatch only released 3 weeks after Battleborn I can’t help but feel scammed. I love the game, I defended the game and I still play the game, but I feel cheated for my money when I see that I pretty much wasted 60€ for only 6 weeks of playtime prior to anyone buying it now. I rarely (actually I never saw a game so drastically drop in price) and I think it is time for gearbox and 2K to make amends to
their customers. I don’t expect anything in the size of 60€, but something like 20€/$ worth of Platinum should be offered to all the players having bought the game prior to the “Overwatch-discounts”*.

*Which were as said totally unnecessary and only show how little gearbox/2K valued their own game.


it sucks, but i dont think gearbox is intentionally trying to piss off their fans.

they made a big mistake releasing it same time as overwatch… blizzard has a huge following.

they did their best to make a fun game, its a game that i would probably pay 100 dollars for tbh. I love battleborn, its a shame that more people dont know about it, or people who only know about overwatch, or assume overwatch is better because more popular studio made it…

I think in the long run battleborn will be ok. ive had so much fun playing BB since it came out… its the most fun ive had with a video game in a very long time.


They really didn’t have a say in terms of release date as they announced it before Blizzard (and afterwards they surely couldn’t change it anymore) and knowing Blizzards business tactics they set their release date this way to hamper sales for Battleborn. This also shows that they saw it as competition, but sadly gearbox/2K did not and started with too big too early discounts, which pretty much devalued the game so many paid up to 70€ to play.

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I think most of us playing got our money’s worth. I’m completely ok with it if it adds to the player count. Why would this be a bad thing?


Seems like they are trying to justify their in-game MT by selling the game for cheap but definitely a big disappointment for all us that paid full price at launch.

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The only thing about this is GBX announced their release date before blizzard so really its not their fault on that.(they have made plenty of mistakes with marketing and other things but this wasn’t one of them)

If I had to guess the game didn’t sell very well in that store and they were trying to get rid of them, and some ow fan saw it n thought it was hilarious. This sort of thing happens at stores that aren’t big chain stores.

I still believe this game is going to be ok in the long run. I’m with you this is the most fun I’ve had with a MP game since I got my ps4 a couple years ago


Why is BB fun? I am having a lot of fun in it but I don’t know why!!! Help!

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I dont think gbx had anything to do with this one more of a store not selling them and wanting to get rid of them. It happens all the time some stores just don’t sell many copies of some games for some reason

Actually Saturn is one of the biggest chain stores in Germany for example.

im going to say this. I bought a game for roughly 80$. I ask myself, is this money worth the purchase, how many hours will I get out of this, is it fun, etc. As long as I get the value out of my money I don’t care what OTHERS bought theirs for. I’ll easily get my 60$ base game and 20 expansion enjoyment out of this. If I paid that much and wasn’t happy with my purchase, I would be annoyed. BUT I would just learn from it and make smarter decisions in the future. I bought this game specifically over OW because I know I would have plenty of fun with it, and I am. My gaming problems are solved pretty much until titanfall comes out in late October.


Was the other way around actually, Blizzard changed their original launch date - Blizzard pushed it closer to BB’s launch date.

I agree.

You do know gearbox doesnt have a say it on what price the shop sells game for right?
The shop buys stock and their sell it, if it doesnt sell they dont order anymore and bring the price down until demand goes back up.
I mean you dont buy some coffee from say adsa then the next day see its on sell. You dont go to the coffee farm and say why is this product cheaper in adsa now give me some money.
They own you nothing. Is it a shame that you could of saved some money yeah but gearbox doesnt have to give you anything because you can now get the game for cheaper.


The digital sales started it and in those they had a say and the stores only pulled after.

One of the things you should have thought of is whether you wanted to pay full price to get it right at release or wait for it to go down in price. Because unless its someone like Blizzard who will do as much as possible to keep their product from being discounted you’re most likely going to be able to find that game considerably cheaper a couple months down the road for a variety of reasons.

If you fail to realize this then its user error.

If you decided not to wait again its user error.

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Same thing still applies product isnt selling you lower the price.
You buy a product you cant then ask for money back because its cheaper later on. It works both way they cant ask you for more money if they rise the price after you brought the product.


There is a gap between waiting a month or 2 for a discount like 20 to 33% and having a game drop in price for more than 85%.


You missed the fact that GBX doesn’t set the price in the stores.


Yes but this was one store not a great indication of the price in the rest of the world.

I didn’t get mad when the nocked the price down to $40 (U.S.) even though I bought it literally 2 days before, because I was having so much fun with it that it was worth every penny. I’m still having a blast when I actually do get to play(playtime has been cut drastically due to work) and its a purchase I would make again I even bought it for a friend of mine who was playing ow and didn’t want to spend money on a game he said he wouldn’t play…he hasn’t touched ow in a week haha

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That’s also the store discounting the item. Not the developer or publisher.

So if you bought it from that store ask them for a refund or reimbursement. Though you aren’t likely going to get one.

Gearbox/2K doesn’t owe you anything.

Actually, there are stores which offer something of a “guarantee” that if the product goes on sale within a certain amount of time from when you bought it, they’ll refund the difference, but I’ve never heard of this policy applying to games. There is also a time limit and the original receipt is required. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

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