I Think It Would Be Awesome If We Could See The Challenges In A PvE or PvP Match Mid Game

I think it would be cool if there was a way to look at challenges in game (mainly lore challenges). Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting some of the lore challenges and since I cannot check it, it can sometimes be a pain. I also like to check my progress into other challenges, and it would be awesome to check it mid game.


Yes! Ive been recently doing lore challenges and it would be so much more convenient to be able to check my progress mid game/mission

Agreed, this would be a welcome change if you could go to the options menu or something and check on your lore challenge progress, like when I was doing Marquis to know how close I was to the 6000 bindle blast damage on a map.

Exactly! I never know how far I am into a lore challenge. I just started to play El Dragon, and getting those 1000 minion kills is a long grind, but I would love to check mid game to see how far along I am. I’ve done algorithm at least 11 times so far and I’m only a little past 350.

Yeah, this could be a good thing, on pve. On pvp is more likely ‘user discretion is advice’ because I already kill people that is reading their Helix in the middle of a fight (yeah, I know… :grin:), I don’t know what will happen if you already can see more things besides the score.