I think its a bug

So I was attempting to kill eclipse and eos but out of nowhere, instantly, his shield and health got full. I think this is a glitch unless I’m dumb.

Were you airborne at the time? There are several fights across BL2 and TPS where, if you get launched high enough, the game thinks you’ve left the arena (aka died) and, if there isn’t another player in the game, resets as a result.

Otherwise, a shield reset at specific health points is normal, but shouldn’t be accompanied by a health reset.

I wasnt I was moving around the whole time and I have no idea what caused it. Also unlimited enemies kept spawning and he disappeared for 10 minutes so I turned my ps3 off

Well, that sucks! Hope you nail him good next time…

this happened to me, too. I was near the back of the arena and i’d eaten into his health fairly well. he disappeared, and when he reappeared next to me he had everything back while i was still scrounging around for a enough bullets to damage him.

it was what prompted me to just bring in my dad’s level 50 to just nuke the bastard.

Yeah this happened to me too. Right after it’s laser attack EOS digistructed back at it’s starting point with health and shields full! Decided to stop playing this campaign until it’s fixed.

Something similar happened to me…
He suddenly disappeared, usually he recharges his shield and appears again.
Fought various minions for at least 15 min, then turned of the console.

the boss normally leaves twice during the fight to fully recharge his shields. they have to recharge and you have to defeat a set amount of enemies before he comes back. He should never, however recharge his health. Only the shields. Some of these sound like a glitch and some just sound like the boss fight.

I found out what caused this. If you die at all during the fight and go back in, it causes him to instantly get his health back when regening his shield.

Bosses reset if you die. Not a but, just how it is. This is a complete reset of the whole boss fight.

In coop if everyone has to be dead or outside the boss area at the same time for the reset.

As said above EOS will disappear twice during the fight to regen shields, this is part of the fight. Simply waiting seems to bring him back, no need to kill stuff … in fact most of the BA stuff seems to unspawn once EOS re-appears.

It didn’t reset because of myself dying, but right after it’s laser attack. It’s definitely a glitch!

Maybe, but I doubt it. You’d have to post a video or find one already out there.

I have done this fight a lot … a lot … way more than I wanted … and never saw anything like that.

Not doing any damage for a long enough period of time may well end up in a reset of shields (most enemies shields regen) and health. I never sat around long enough to find out.

I meant after you get back in the fight

The health reset did happen to me when trying eclipse solo; very annoying. I’ve had the same thing happen many times in BL2 DLC4 with the Handsome Dragon fight on that bridge, and it’s a well-known problem with Terra. Either being airborne, or some odd part of the map where the game thinks you’re not there for some reason - urk!

Right, gettting thrown (or by any other means being) outside of the boss “area” will reset the whole boss fight sheilds and health,

Dying will do the same thing … as it ends up with you being outside of the boss area … which will result in a reset … which is not a bug.

Like I said before I was not flying.

After 3 shield ‘resets’ (so to speak) he seems to gett all his health back. Happend to me and didn’t even bother with this boss anymore after it happend.


I said “dying” not “flying”.

Hi guys!

Thanks for the heads up this. I’ve passed it along to the team and we’re looking into it.

Thanks that means a lot.

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