I think I've made the GOAT Axton build

it’s here:


Based with Legendary Soldier Mod (ie. all tier 1 skills you can add +5).

Weaponry to be used: a Maliwan slag sniper, Lascaux smg (‘stopping’ variant), purple rocket launcher and 4th weapon can be left to discretion e.g. could be a mali pistol, a jacobs sniper or hornet pistol or anything.

Shield should be any tanky shield (but NOT a Pangolin one) with long delay (as Axton’s skill cuts the delay in two), I found the nice Impaler to use, also the good shield you get from that Overlook woman who had the ‘shiiiivers’.

Yeah this is a really strong build, I’ve been tearing through the Magic Slaughter with this build. I wonder if the Hyperion Slaughter, which gave me so much trouble couple of months ago, I wonder if I would have done it easier with this build. All these years of ppl saying, ‘Ranger meh this skill is not worth it’ but I always used to get it, heh finally I’ve let this skill go


I might remove points from overload and try to max out metal storm (it is good on lascaux and you do not have a AR in your preferred weapon).

I will also try to put some more points in pressure and quick charge.

Overall it is a good nuke build but GOAT discussion is debatable since it depends on your playstyle and favorites… :wink::wink:


erm…Overload? I don’t see any ARs in your inventory.


I imagine he might get/have a Kerblaster, Hail or Kitten somewhere in the bank or lined up down the line- that being said, yeah- Metal Storm all the way…

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Looks a little like my current second Axton build, although he’s only level 58 right now so still working down Survival (just got as far as Resourceful/Maglock).


yeah I put 2 into Overload just in case really

I still reckon Torgue ARs are probably the best weapon in the game, generally speaking, in UVHM

also I just don’t rate the skill pressure much, especially since with that build Axton recovers health quickly

No build with points in overload, last ditch effort instead of pressure, and duty calls can be called the greatest.

Overload because while assault rifles are good they’re aren’t the best overall

Last ditch effort because the greatest of all builds wouldn’t need skill to help in FFYL

Duty calls because as much as i enjoy Jakobs on Axton they’re never the best option


You always say you don’t need help in FFYL… Until you find yourself in FFYL

Also Duty Calls mostly for Lascaux blasting, dude reading the OP helps

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Oh i read the OP trust me. You can’t claim something is the best build when it’s not 100% Min/Maxed to the core using the best possible gear and strategy.

You can use whatever you want, but don’t claim it’s the best


When, depending on your weapon loadout, reload speed may or may not be the most important thing to get you back up again!

It might be the best personal build though - there’s always a certain latitude around individual playing styles and preferences. My biggest problem is that whenever I see ‘GOAT’ I’m either thinking of that test in Fallout 3 or the phrase ‘Go Away Troll’!


Me too. Every time :sweat_smile:

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You can always use help in every circumstances. Just that it’s better to have help not going into FFYL than to get out of it.

Best personal and GOAT are two vastly different things.

I’ll go with the crowd about Overload. [edit and Duty Call] I use a Kerblaster as my main gun and can’t find points to put in it. Then again I didn’t cleared the Magic Slaughter so there’s that.
Personally I couldn’t live without Mag Lock. I can imagine that a fully min/maxed build might discard it but. Min max on the card and the “real life out there” are, again, two different things.

Finally I don’t think there’s such a thing as one build to rule them all. Lot’s of things to do in this game and a build can always be tweaked for a specific task or enemy.


You’re 100% right, but if that’s what OP meant he shouldn’t have used the term which stands for greatest of all time

Same :joy:

This is also true.


Incidentally I think we’re all jumping on the GOAT thing with a bit too much fervour. It’s clearly hyperbole.

Still, the OP’s build needs some refining - so hope the advice is taken in the spirit it should be given : to help.


I think “we” are kinda nice about it. :wink: A lot more than anything you would see on any other forums!
You come to the #1 place and call something “GOAT”. Then be ready to defend your statement with really solid arguments / numbers or go down in flames!!! :sweat_smile:
People here are nice and that’s the #1 reason I’m staying. But push them in a corner and you’ll soon find yourself in the cables…
That’s why I try to be “quiet” about those things. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Ready to throw rocks but only from behind me “friends”.


I thought your activist days were over! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry - derail. I’ll shut up now.


I feel trolled. :roll_eyes:


Wanna see it in action?

I don’t doubt that this works for you, but I’m skeptical about Duty Calls. Using elemental weapons to take advantage of element matching and grenade buffs seems like it would allow you to put out more hurt. If you took those points (and the ones from overload if you’re not always equipped with an AR) and put them into Metal Storm and Battlefront I think that would be more helpful than the damage increase from Duty Calls, and I think the points from Grit would serve you better in Forbearance/Resourceful/Quick Charge. That said, you did better in that Magic Slaughter video than I think I would with that setup, and I’d be curious to see how you fare in the Badass round.


The G.O.A.T. reminds me of ASVAB (for folks like me who might have a military background). According to that test I was either qualified to be an air traffic controller, radio operator or cook- the choices of a lifetime :smile: