I think I've made the GOAT Axton build

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So you ended up as none of those, I presume? (Thinking of various related MASH episodes…)

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Let’s just say that if i could do it all again I’d have at least TRIED the first 2 options…:upside_down_face:

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you got it done. Good job!
in the vid, i didn’t see you show your build and if BAR was on or off. Video etiquette, no biggy. :innocent:

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It was the OP build bro

Grenade mod was Bonus Package (easy enough to farm, think I got it on 2nd go, not a fan of these fancy hard to find weapons), and relic was SMG damage + FFYL time boost.

BAR I have around 15% bonus all round

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you made it work. and thats really all the matters. I’d like to see if this holds up at OP8. :grin:

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More from this sick ass build showing WHY invested into Duty Calls:

I’ve been using that sick Vladoff Veritas pistol I posted about a couple of months ago, look how it cuts through those UVHM bandit fools, who needs elements? But I DO also use a nice 13 mag Mali pistol I found (Axton NEEDS big mag weapon as his skills don’t allow for growth) as this build as maxed out Steady also, best of both worlds baby

Still not convinced? Check it out:

Do you like me hate playing the lottery when trying to get a corrosive ladyfist? Well… Who needs one? This ladyfist I found with Jacobs barrel for extra power works incredibly well with Duty Calls skill, do ppl still doubt the value??

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Slag Rakehell and Veritas. I don’t care if it’s “GOAT” or not. That’s something I like. Fun to play and original is superior to “just another “best” build” imo.

People don’t doubt the value. It’s just not the “optimum min/max choice”. A corrosive LF with a corrosive BoA will be superior fighting armored enemies. It’s a simple math problem.
It also will be less versatile and potentially less fun.

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I never doubted duty calls, i love jakobs Axton. It’s just not a top tier skill for him


You responded to my post asking about Overload. Just sayin’.

Also, Duty Calls : I don’t know if you recall but inspired by your post about the Specialist COM, I made a whole build around that COM, Duty Calls, a non-elemental Tattler and a Bandit allegiance relic. It seriously kicks ass. It’s not GOAT status, but then nothing is right? :wink:

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What I see here is a guy using a “non-conventional slag weapon” (i.e. Slagga, Pimp or Moxxie’s). That’s already a thumb’s up. And a Veritas. A gun I really enjoyed in TVHM but didn’t try hard enough to make it work that good in UVHM. The problem with this gun at lower difficulty level is you get underlevel. Unless maybe you really push to get on level. One of the few guns that make “lower level gear mules” worth it. Effective “at level” it quickly suffer when underleveled.
Fast rate of fire and crit bonus. Can’t go wrong with that. :wink:


Veritas is a surprisingly good gun and ignored by a lot of people.

My Vladof Sal has been using one and it does a better job than the Stinger. A lot that has to do with Sal but still very good.

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That’s pretty sick dude. Might try my +6 duty calls and +5 ready specialist mod again.

But you know what would absolutely RULE with this? One of those Emperor smgs you get from 4 assassins, still haven’t found a lvl72 non-elemental one…


The great thing about that COM is that it improves accuracy which is pretty good on the Lascaux but is GREAT on Bandit SMGs. This was the build :

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Btw I believe GOAT became popular term after LL Cool J dropped this album and song like almost 20 years ago :rofl:


I think this should definitely be tested in the OP levels… Also, I never create an Axton build without speccing into double up

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it’s changed ever so slightly


I still support it as GOAT build, I’m only as far as OP3 so far though.
I myself never spec into Double Up, though I can see how a Double Up and Gemini build indeed could be extremely good for OP upper levels.

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I have one Double-up+Gemini, and one Nuke+Gemini. The former means I don’t need to worry as much about slagging stuff, the second means I pretty much have to have a slag weapon equipped at all times but I have great mob disruption. Each requires a slightly different approach tactically. Difficult with Axton to go anything other than 26-15-26 or 15-26-26 though!

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I started with Double Up thinking a Commando couldn’t live without it…
Nah. Gemini Nuke is better. Gotta find a point for Mag lock thou. Didn’t thought much of it first but it’s so goddam useful when you’re used to it!
Not a big fan of Grit and Last Ditch Effort. But I already said that.
Same goes for Duty Calls. N-E guns are rarely used at OP levels unless they are Jackobs.
You already have Steady maxed out. (As it should be :wink: . ) So make use of it with a good Kerblaster!

You said you were ready to get all the help you could get so… Yeah. Kerblaster.
Of course an Harold because… EXPLOSION
And a SwordSplosion. From Tiny Tina TTAoDK DLC. Mission reward. You can live with “the one given” or go with “dashboardingorotherfarmingshenanigans”.
Your call… But get one!
With that said. Good luck and enjoy your runs.

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Yup. Kerblaster is it easy to farm from MidgeMong? May have to finally go back to this gun…

600 Torgue tokens for one (or Harold) from Torgue machine is ridiculous

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You’re a man after my own heart sir :sunglasses:

Actually 613- wouldn’t want you to come up a bit short :wink:

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