I think I've made the GOAT Axton build

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MidgeMong/Kerblaster is a 10% chance drop like everything else I guess. There’s a “quick run” using grenade jump. can be found on YT.
Unkempt Harold can be farmed from Savage Lee. With a quick stop by Boll for a Fastball. Another explosive Axton staple. Best route being travelling from Frostburn Canyon to Three Horns Divide. Quick and easy farm.

As for the 613 tokens price tag… (Or 120 crystals for that matter.)
Yeah… It’s a hefty price tag and that’s why not many people actually farm them over and over every time and all the time … -cough legit-
Once you acquired them there’s ways to “bend the rules”. Different on each platform. No need for third party cheating. Just plain old school tricks.
My pov is once I farmed enough to buy one… I earned the right to farm one. No “cheating” per say. No use of third party help. Only using all the tools at your disposal. :wink: Being successful in Borderlands (or any other games) is not only about being skilled. It’s about being bright!
Do you think Handsome Jack, or Gearbox, mind playing tricks on you?
Time to return the favor! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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With Harolds, most of the time I don’t care what variety because I’m usually just leveling up a character, so I just farm Lee. If I want a particular variant and want one guaranteed on-level, I’ll go the bar route, collect tokens, and then farm the vendors.

With the Kerblaster, if I really want one I’ll just get tokens. It can be tedious, but I hate farming Midgemong. :slight_smile: When I want a Kerblaster or a desired Harold variant, it’s for a character’s permanent collection at max level.

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interesting post, thanks

looks like I’ll be going without a kerblaster then…