I think my game is broken

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to post this.
So I’m playing the 3rd DLC and I’m on the mission right after the facility. The game says to “follow Juno” but I’m not quite done with the blastplains so I wander around doing crew challenges and the side mission with that Stickly person. I catch up to Juno after she has already dismounted her vehicle and it still tells me “follow Juno” but nothing happens when I talk to her and I can’t progress. Help?

Sorry to hear it happened to you but at least I know now that it’s not just my game. I started a thread on this here. DLC3 Progress blocked: 'Riding to Ruin' mission (Cannot get in Cinderwatch Station)

If you have not done it, submit a support ticket to 2k here. https://support.2k.com/
At least then they know it’s happening to other players and maybe they can get a fix into an upcoming hotfix.

I started another character through the DLC because this may not get fixed soon. On that one I followed the posse and it worked correctly.

Sorry to hear it broke for you my dude, hate it when games have a habit of blocking themselves off for no reason, hope it gets itself fixed