I Think My PVE Is Broken :-( Progress Not Recorded


Sorry, I don’t spend much time in the Campaign section.

So this is happening to a lot of other people?

Are there any fixes you are aware of?

It’s been happening off and on for everyone as far as I’m aware. Last comment on it I remember reading from Gearbox was “we are aware of the issue and are looking into it.”


This has occurred for months.
For all people
I think I heard something once but forget :frowning2:
Nvm Hobbit’s on it (that’s your catch phase btw @HobbitWarrior)

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I was not aware of that. Rest assured I will be looking into it.

Why is there no :smarm: emoji?


Blame the discourse deities

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@epicender584 @HobbitWarrior

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve actually been UPSET with Gearbox over something Battleborn related.

After (just under) 7 months and 650+ hours of dedicated Battleborn play, I NEVER thought it would be PVE TROPHIES keeping me from obtaining Platinum.

@Jythri and @joekgbx this is honestly pretty ridiculous, as much as I respect Gearbox.

Stop giving Boldur steroids and emasculating el Dragon and please, please fix this so myself and others can get our hard earned Platinum.

I mean, consider how many dedicated PVE players this has probably happened for!

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So its not just the stats that won’t get recorded?

Oh boy, Lucky me that I got all my stuff done already.

I can only recommend hoping to spy an official note in one of the upcoming Battleplans, or ask there again.

I have a feeling they are more likely to check the post than actually looking into these kind of Topics.

Also my Plat Trophy is sealed behind some PvP Lore, so until they say Lore Vs bots is enabled I’m stuck without plat Trophy too.

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That’s what drives me insane!

EVERYTHING ELSE about the mission gets saved: stats, challenge completion stuff, lore stuff, etc, etc, but the score always comes up zero and it never gives me a medal / score on my career page!

Just sneering blank spaces where the medal and score should be for the Experiment on Advanced and the four Hardcore missions I’ve done!

Never happened to me.

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Happened to me with a five-person Advanced Hardcore Heliophage run. Zero score, no medal, still marked in my career stats as never attempted.

This bug is serious enough they really should have rolled back when it was identified. It also affects PVP (you’ll often see end scores shown as 0 - 0), but doesn’t seem to be more than a visual bug there.


If it’s any consolation, it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get the Trophy. I completed Heliophage Advanced and got the “Solus War Hero” achievement on the XB1, even though that was also hit by the “zero score” bug.

It also looks like the Toby FR isn’t properly logging medals regardless of whether or not the game glitched on the zero score bug. For reference, here’s the support thread:

I specifically asked GBX support if they could retroactively fix the career page stats from the game stats (since all the numbers are there), but apparently not. Here’s the response:

@Jythri has confirmed a number of times that they are working on the issue; I just hope they’ll be able to fix player stats once they’ve identified the problem and issued an update to fix it (much like they did for some of the lore progression and titles.) Until then, there’s not a lot we can do but wait it out.



I know it MUST still actually be recording the missions as complete because yesterday I needed to finish The Saboteur (we did it n Advanced Hardcore) as Attikus as my final bit of Lore Challenge to Master him, and I still got my Master skin and Attikus trophy upon successful completion of the mission even though my Career page still shows zero score and no medal for that mission.

(I was with @blainebrossart1 and a few others)

So maybe I should just keep plugging away at those missions that I know I haven’t done and maybe I’ll get my trophy anyway?

Hey guys,

I’ve been told that a fix for this is included in our next full update.


#WOOT! :dukeparty:

Can you kindly inquire as to whether there will be any retroactive fixes to career stats (where game stats show successful completion, score, etc.)?

And I’m guessing (since you didn’t mention one) that you don’t have a firm date for the update, but before the holidays please?!

Yes, definitely. As I said, I got the Achievement even though my career stats don’t show it (but the stats page for that match in my match history shows we got 100k+ points!)



Excellent news! Thanks!


Good to know, thanks!

So glad a fix is confirmed, now we just need to wait o-o

And can confirm this bug happens to different parts of the game - ie you can get your score and get no medal, or only be missing part of your score, etc. and its different for every player who participated in the match. Some get it, some don’t, some get only part of it. :frowning: It did keep me away from chasing score during this past weekend. I’ll probably just stay in pvp till the next patch. I feel terrible for all the pvers who liked having score goals.

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I’m one of those fortunate types that don’t suffer too many progress bugs, and none like the ones Wise is going through where he cannot finish challenges.

Doesn’t mean I don’t suffer the score bug.

Thankfully, I’m not robbed from my Commander Pack just because the score glitched to 0. If that was also taken from me… I seriously doubt I would be this calm about it.

But I will admit that it sucks tremendously when my team somehow racks up a great score just to have it all erased.

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This problem still exists. We have have been playing with my three friends over the weekend and have had five times now with this zero score bug (on story missions). It is really irritating and needs to be fixed!!!

…HarHar, yeah I abandoned that Steam account because of that bug.
Even with the fix coming it won’t correct that.

Just had the same bug yesterday on PS4 with my group, we were playing incursion :grimacing: