I think Rath needs to be toned down a little

The knock up silence combo coupled with the crazy fast attack speed right from level 1 is pretty broken. I know quick melee exists to knock people away but that really does not work well enough, especially when you get slowed after his knock up by his crossblade. Most players who make it out alive after this (myself included) are left with crazy low health so they either have to back off to base entirely or they get annihilated by a stray enemy teammate.

He doesn’t need to be nerfed to the ground, but a tone down would be really appreciated cause this is starting to get a little out of control (I see him in almost every game I play).

I’ve honestly never felt that Rath is too strong when I’ve fought him as lots of different characters. Not that I win against Rath players all the time, but I’ve never felt like I couldn’t do anything or that there was no chance to win even if I was on the backfoot.

just his ult. his ult needs some attention. there really should never be anything in this game that is more or less a guaranteed kill simply by pressing a button

The ult was never guaranteed kill, unless comboed with the knockup (which greatly reduces your options, like using knockbacks, CC, teleport, etc). I think the main issue is the whole juggling mechanic which shouldn’t exist, since it’s nearly as bad as a long duration stun.

it is a guaranteed kill if he pops it in the middle of a fight. im not the type, and dont play the type of character to run from a rath. so typically i am going right at him. we get into a fight, then he pops it and it is sometimes just RIP, even when he is slowed.

His ult is incredibly powerful, it damages anyone near him, he is an extremely mobile character, and he runs with 2 CC’s already. As an assassin having a slow, then a knockup/stun (knockups have always been powerful in moba’s) that can cover the entire lane is pure ridiculous itself. I’ve seen raths that just farm lane and spam buildables hiding til level 5 then death charging everyone for an inexchangable kill or two, then it gets him so far ahead he is practically dueling anyone to death and with 20% spellvamp you aren’t really killing him for the damage he does during the spin. Rath’s really only weakness is either cc and approaching the fight, but everyone’s weakness is CC so that isn’t a valid argument- and he has helix upgrades for propelling him into a fight. so yea if i see phoebe, i fight her, if i see el dragon i fight her, if i see rath running towards me i stop everything im doing and RUN!!!

I disagree. I don’t think there’s even one character who can’t counter him nice and easy. Ranged don’t have problem with him (ofc. you have problem with all melee if you’re in a corner and they’re in your face), and most melee characters can stop his ult. with silence, stun or counter-attack. People let’s not start with wanting to nerf all characters who dominated you in one game and now you have paranoia from that character. My advice to everyone for every character: play them! Play them in story, play them with bots, play them in public pvp matches, learn them, and then you will learn their weaknesses, so you won’t be afraid of them anymore. Try playing Rath in public match (against non newb players), and then tell me, do you still think he needs to be toned down?


It is only his ult that I think is slightly OP, and really only his movement speed while in ult. It is a delicate balance though, because if you make him too slow the ult becomes useless. Honestly, he can be annoying to deal with but I think he is fine where he is for the most part.

You see the problem right now as a thorn player rath can simply run right through my attacks then launch me from quite along way away and start attack me before I even land on the ground. I as a ranged character I should be able to kill him or at least make him back off before he gets to me.

I’ve played and played against enough rath to assess his strengths and weaknesses let’s not forget phoebe el dragon and gali mistakes are made here why are people so afraid of a nerf. NERFS happen they are apart of balancing and fine tuning a game nothing wrong with scaling and recaling something, but not wanting to touch something like it’s some masterpiece is going to lead your game to disaster. Look at LoL for example the lead moba they go several patches buffing or nerfing the same champion over and over, it’s fine tuning and they know they have to do it to keep their game both competitive and popular. Avoiding nerfs simply because it is a nerf is like some odd taboo people have, if someone you like get’s nerfed ‘too hard’ then come to forums and prove it, nothing wrong with that, thats why we have forums. What’s even better is GBX has people hear that responds to us,so it’s quite nice.

At level 1 Miko and rath go about even surprisingly, but I agree he may need some tuning, not necessarily even enough to call it a full on nerf, but just a slight tone down or a change to juggling. He’s got some crazy combos that make fighting him hard as a lot of characters, but against others he goes evenly, and some like the actually OP gali still beat him so he’s definitely not on that scale.

So yeah, he needs a tone down so he’s a more even character.

tbh he ult is only slightly OP and can be countered by a stun, so sure it is annoying that he can one shot you pretty much but i’ll just give him that as his Key Trade. But if you’re going to keep that ulti why in the flying BAGEL do you have a knock up with such range and radius, insane speed, even more speed for getting your shield broken, spellvamp on an AOE insanely high damage dealing ulti and a long range slowing silencing, shield regenerating ability. the helix system can cause some problems similar to Gali where they are getting too much variety and not a clear focus. A character should have a General focus, and then helixes that better them at it. my only problem is rath has TOO much, excluding gali he is in my top 3 duelists without question.

Whiskey Foxtrot might not be the best character in the game, but Raths ult is absolutely useless against him :wink:

I really never had any issues yet while confronting Rath. They are crunchy.
It’s mainly because the ult can be interrupted at any moment by a CC, I guess… Though I’ll give it to you that a well placed ult is super deadly. If anything, though, I think the Ult that are activated with just a slight animation and then become independent of what the character is doing are probably even more deadly. Now that I mention it, I suddenly realize I never noticed if Phoebe’s ult can be interrupted post-cast if she’s inflicted a stun. I know it can be interrupted if she’s silenced or stunned during the very short animation, but once it’s done, no idea…

What scares me is those complaints,while the gear is not even widely spread.
I meet a lot of pvp players confessing to me they didn’t do much story and that they don’t have a lot of gear.
While I have a configuration where I can put Rath with three legendary (plasmite,his own and atk spd)) and still have shard income to the end of the game,while having a definite spike of power (I mean,3 legendaries on one guy in pvp,I expect Plasmite transducer to be toned down).
And then,the real complaints will start…

What do you think we want? Random nerfs and buffs all over in case it might or might not be effective? What we want are meaningfull changes that improve the balance of the game, not propel it in random directions. That’s why being cautious with changing a character is important.

I’ve not played Rath, but I’ve never had any issues countering Rath on any occasion with any of the characters I’ve played. I honestly just think this is a case of someone who found a really good Rath player and assumed Rath is overpowered because he couldn’t at the time find a way to counter him. I also think this happens a lot and that people really need to start reflecting on how ■■■■ happen in the game before jumping to conclusions.

Uh, no. Rath’s ult is a guranteed kill every 60 seconds. It’s battleborns version of destiny’s fist of havoc.

I don’t think I have played a game of battleborn yet where the enemy team was not using galilea or rath.

Just for clarification I wanted to add that Catalytic Smash (the E, knock up) does not silence until lvl 4. Your opening sentence can be a bit misleading in that regard.

As for Rath being too strong? … I personally don´t hav a problem with him. He has no particularly good survivability (his lifesteel is very minor, too) and he has no real means to get away … so once he comits to a fight he should be able to have a big impact. He doesn´t have a stun either (unless he chains crossblade and smash, thereby basically forsaking knock up, slow and silence and having to do some poor helix choices)
When being focused or kited by ranged he pops pretty quickly.

I agree that it´s annoying to face him so often but that is mostly just due to the fact that he is unlocked from the start … I prefer facing a Rath over a Galilea or ISIS any day.
edit: *ISIC … obviously :sweat_smile:

I know this was a type-o but it made it laugh. On the topic of Rath being overpowered I feel pretty similar to the OP. I don’t think he’s too strong at his base but two of his helix options really set him over the top.

Lv.4 Catalytic Flash: Catalytic Smash Silences for +3s. Dats crazy.
Lv.6 Catastrophic Smash: Doubles the length of Catalytic Smash . Cata Smash is already super long and fat.

Besides those two things, he doesn’t feel out of control to me. Maybe his melee combo is a bit too strong for the rate of attack but otherwise, he’s an assassin without any stealth of fancy escapes so he needs the ability to kill people quickly.

I manage to avoid his ult a lot of the time.