I think that sliding, as well as certain anointments, need a buff

For sliding, I think that crouching while running and gunning should trigger a slide, while crouching while standing and shooting should crouch like normal.
Apart from the accuracy drop, I feel discouraged from sliding in combat because I have to stop shooting to do it.

As for anointments, there are a few that need a buff.
“While airbourne” and “while sliding” skills need a buff, they can’t deal as much damage as character specific anointments yet require more work.
The elemental chance/damage buff was good, but not sure it makes a difference in m4. That’s more a problem with effect damage in general, though.
Accuracy buffs in general aren’t worth it, nor are ammo regen/reloading anointments (I’m looking at you, digi-clone). Especially since these ones don’t do anything on certain guns.

There may be more I’ve missed, but this is just spitballing for now. Maybe others have noticed more.

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The Problem with airbourne is, that you only can Do it from higher grounds. Personelly i never use airbourne, baucause of the duration of the standup animation. Sometimes i rather Fall down slowly than airbourne down, baucause it feels so slow at the end. I mean like the drop to katagawa Ball.

All the more reason why an anointment based around that specific scenario should get more than a 40% damage buff.

That’s a slam. This is talking about anointments like “bonus crit damage while airborne” which just means when your feet are off the ground.

Slams definitely need something, but I think that would require either a special skill or an item that allows the player to double jump or something

My Bad. Than i dont understand the Problem with airbourne. You can bunnyhop like a rabbit on crack and get nearly always the bonus. I dont know if shields and granades can have this annointment, but if not this would be a great Addition to that. Atm i run a gamma fl4k build and there is not one good annointment for shields and granades. I just make 85% more damage with “on Action skill end” annointment. Gamma burst with the Red fang is quite op to have plus 100% damage but 50% would be still nice (25 on shield and granade).

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I have an artifact I run that gives + %50 shotgun damage while sliding. It’s pretty amazeballs.

Airborne/sliding anointments are pretty good on shotguns, kinda hard to utilize on everything else.

This is all true, but the point is that the damage boost is too low for a situational action when compared to more consistent anointment buffs that don’t require a change in playstyle, like SNTNL Cryo or Fakegrasping