I think they should bring back old Meltdown but keep Finale

Finale is fine, the real problem is simply that the actual match only lasts a few minutes now.

So gearbox, I propose/suggest simply bringing back the old Meltdown that would last the full duration with everyone leveling up fully THEN being able to go into finale.

More often than not right now finale comes up after like 3 minutes where everyone is still only lv 3 or 4, and thus totally helpless to take down one, let alone BOTH ultra minions.


Wow… Then the enwmy sucks, i usually get to lvl 5-7.

Only once i was lvl 4 because the enemy didnt know how to play at all.

Is sad… I wish new players had their own queue :frowning: i dont taunt but there is a point where they cant get out without being desteoyed.

A meltdown queue of its own would be cool too. Maybe. If its not so difficult to do. Which would simply have a decision between the two modes on the same maps such as face-off/captures do in quick matchmaking queues. Two modes same maps.

That idea is fun but finales can actually last for a long time. Most of the time they don’t I know, but they definitely can. Matches having finale in the old meltdown could sometimes probably end up needing an extended match time or make sudden death cancel out the time completely. I’ve had about 3 matches so far where meltdown came to the last 10 min and the last 2-3 min within those 10 were insane back to back super minion waves til someone succeeded.

I had such a match a few days after they reworked meltdown, we played the whole time down, the last few minutes were finale only, ended up with v15 bot for us, and v18 (insane damage and life) for them, fun part is, both teams were pretty busy taking the ultra minions down, nearly no palyer kills in the last 5-7 minutes, the time ran down and they won without having an ultra minion reach the shredder…


Yeah these matches are really intense and fun because theres almost no time to fool around and go for kills unless it happens when trying to team fight over ultra minions. I haven’t had a match where it timed out completely and no one scored a bot though Lol


The only thing that needed to be done to meltdown was increase the points minions give so the matches are a bit shorter.