I think we have to face it

Gearbox looks done with significant change/revision/updating to this game. It was worth it, I’ve gotten about a year of play out of it, but speaking for myself only, it’s just not going to have the lasting replay-ability of BL1 and BL2. The game structure is kind of tedious for replaying and unless you’re starting out with a brand new character the lesser weapon rewards aren’t worth any effort to get once you’ve gone through say…DLC3 or Arms Race. Earlier weapons have become trash by comparison.


It is sad to see my fav series at its current state. I cant believe how quite GB has been. I know things have been crazy last year but i thought they did great through it. Plus its sad to see the forums so quite also only a year in. Im still hopeful for more down the road tho.


Lest we forget that this is the norm since 2015. When they closed shop on TPS and Announced Battleborn things went sideways. VR BL2 didn’t resonate much, and it was User created content (and eventually leaks and speculation surrounding them) that propelled engagement in the lull after that up till 2019.

Each convention presentation without an announcement during that lull was jeered.

This taciturn and cynical slant has been the default setting in many circles for at least five years. I was warned not to visit the forums because of it when I first was introduced to BL2 in 2014. I made my way here anyway, and found people who have enjoyed the games, wanted better, but remained even-keeled while critically thinking. Those people help balance these forums, but I don’t think it’s rational to pretend they and these games have ever been a gamers paradise.

There would have never been a Community Patch if BL2 was perfect in the eyes of many players.


To play devil’s advocate, as an IT worker, the first week after new year’s almost never has public/client releases unless there’s a showstopper. Having said that, the way GB handled BL3 releases, hotfixes and overall design, to me, looks like the management is driving the game to be primarily for solo players. From matchmaking design to lack of end game - their ideal customer seems to be one that plays through content once and puts the game down. When you’re aiming for that audience, there’s no need to frequently update about plans, going ons and progress.


It’s actually advertised more towards co-op but can also be played solo

Both are a bit poorly made and managed :wink:

The problem with 3 is that somebody chased away the people that made the previous games what they are and was so full of himself and thought he could do better (and failed miserably)


I have been holding out for a slim chance of hope that GBX would address the actual concerns of the player base and fix things that need fixing. I would even have a little more sympathy if this game was released in the middle of the pandemic however this game was released before the world collapsed and some of the issues that have plagued the game since it’s release are still there.

Was the other previous games perfect out the gate, no but they certainly played ( and still play) a lot better than what BL3 does, granted that is my opinion. Issues such as console crashes, matchmaking and certainly the split screen performance have made this game a regret for me and will certainly steer me clear of anything from GBX in the future considering how they have handled this game since release.

Lastly I would also like to think that maybe their latest DLC, the Fortnite/PUBG addition that nobody asked for in a Borderlands game met with a thud and maybe gave GBX a gut check and that maybe they should be catering to their actual customers that put them where they are.


Now that I hear that it does seem like more of a solo game with the idea of being a throw away game .

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It may have been a better idea if they had made it pvp 4v4 and I hate pvp but AR makes pvp look good .


Use TPS as the barometer for where people were standing with GBX before BL3, and the state of that game. The overwhelming reaction was derision and in particular there was a slew of content creators who distanced themselves from Borderlands because of how that game was marketed and how they were used in that process, vs. the state of the game play on release and the move far far away from the farming based endgame many loved in BL2.

Meanwhile, the roadmap for season pass two was light on details about Directors Cut, but it was enough to make clear that the pass would at least cover Winter and Spring, and I expect run the same duration as Season Pass won, so a year at most.

There have been hotfixes twice a month with December 19th Hotfix being being the exception (Holiday Season is a valid reason for time off) and a Patch with each new DLC. That’s consistency for the most part, and a structure for future developments, with PC Modification being announced on 12/24 being a quasi-announcement.

If anything, Solo Player focus seems to be adjacent with a more PC focused angle, especially with the Epic Exclusivity push for the first six months. When Console to PC cross-play is achieved I would hope all forms of Co-op are viable on all platforms, but it was explained early on that part of the partnership with Epic was access to their expertise on that front. They are using Shift for that, and as many who have dealt with it now know, the Shift conversion for matchmaking created a lot of problems for all the games using it.

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They could implement the versus style play from l4d in slaughters or trials where you can take control of a badass or anointed against VH.

If the legendaries were as rare as they were on BL2 and annointments were just Utility and not forcing the game to be balanced around OP effects it would be thriving! They really messed up by showering us with legendaries and making so few unique pieces of gear worth going after is the real finishing blow honestly though. Next borderlands needs BL2 legendary drop rate without a doubt and no annointments!


I agree.


I think people are too easy to brush off anointments because of how they have become a really frustrating requirement for top level builds, but they can be lots of fun, drone cryo for Zane and uRad and pretty fun in my opinion as fully adding an extra element is pretty fun in my opinion


I agree that they are cool in some cases but it is not worth it if they are the reason legendaries are so common. I have been done farming for a long while now because drops are so easy to get and if you know what’s the best in class for each type of gear you don’t need to farm anymore! I could see them being in the game still but the game would of lasted way longer if instead of annoints being random rolls you just payed an extremely high amount of Eridium to annoint gear. Then the legendary drops themselves could of had more variety on parts and a much more tame drop rate over the orange rain that is BL3 legendaries. They dropped the ball with the loot system for BL3 and that cannot be denied…


In a sense they didn’t fail in making the loot system in bl3 as it seems to be exactly what they wanted, but the community is OBSESSED with bl2 style legendaries and farming and can’t let that go, bl1 had a different style to with the focus being on chest farming, then 2 changed to dedicated drops and midgets/tubbies for random drops. 3 is just different and thats okay, but with how anointments work the legendary drop system doesn’t really work. I’m all down for anointments being made into a changeable thing that can be used on a weapon like you pick them up to be a 1 time use thing, and you change the anointment on a gun just by using a new one on it


ah another conspiracy theory gearbox is not done with anything until they say so. It has been holidays and they are entitled to rest however bad of job they might have done pervious year.


No, just no.

I still struggle to reconcile the thought of giving my money to someone and then being dissatisfied because they give me the thing they have conditioned me to lust after with more frequency than I expected and the ability to make the game as easy or difficult as I like based on how I choose to play the game as far as the choices I make about what options and tools I use.

To put it another way:

Max level needed to get every type of weapon/ gear is Mayhem 6. Everything above that is a modifier tweak and inflated stats for balance’s sake.

So if the game is too easy then the most difficult setting with full access to all the game has to offer is Mayhem 10 but only using Mayhem 6 gear. And for those who hate Mayhem Modifiers and all the loot, Mayhem 11 with Mayhem 6 gear.

I guess I should search for videos of people playing the game with those settings and proving it’s too easy?

I think the idea that Max level everything is the intended optimal player setting for completionnists and not a customizable system of options has created a lot of the discontent with people because the idea of finishing the game is not the same between the developer and the audience.


Need more characters…yes, I know it was announced since the game came out that it wouldn’t happen.

End game content was great in BL2, no idea why GB didnt carry that over to BL3.


I hope they will make more characters for borderlands 4.