I think we have to face it

Game developer puts out a full slate of DLC’s, buffs, and hotfixes, during the pandemic, takes 2 weeks before and after the holiday season off, and the forums are rife with people whining about how terrible the company is.

You guys are ridiculous.

BL3 is fine.
The gameplay is 100% the best of any of the games.
The Story is fine, you’re just mad it isn’t the story YOU wanted.

The darkest days of the game (M2.0 Launch) are well behind us. All the VH’s are in a great state, the content is there.

Are you clearing all trials and under 5 mins?
Are you clearing MTD and GTD True Takedown?
Are you sleepwalking through all the Slaughters?
Are you an Arms Race Pro, capable of just grabbing the first chest, and going to kill Harker, no matter what it drops?

If you can say YES to all of that, then you need more content.
If you can’t say YES to all of that, then go finish the content you’ve been given, before complaining that there isn’t enough.


Yes… And it wasn’t hard…

GTD ? If i cheese it and use my clone during crystal stages i would finish it…

Gameplay probably is the best in the series, yes… But that’s it… Still problems to work out and game isn’t really innovative.

Story? Subjective… I hate it, you love it…

Mayhem… Still in a sorry state… It’s neither better or worse then OP levels… Imho it’s just as bad but with different problems.

If the game was really that awesome… Reviews would state so… As of now it’s neither bad nor great…


I bet you liked TLOU2


I liked OP levels more because they didnt mess with matchmaking. Nowadays in BL3, on normal (where most people seem to play) an m10 lvl65 player gets matched to m1 lvl44 player. Kinda screws up both parties. At least with OP levels you knew that if you were joining or being joined, it’s someone who is looking to do endgame.


Dude, it is definitely not what they wanted, bl3 had a loot system way closer to bl2 when it launched (a little bit buffed), most of the game breaking anointments came along the road and the drop rate increase as well (particularly with mayhem 2.0), borderlands 3 at launch was actually a pretty good game…

And to further argue that this is not what they wanted, it just doesn’t make sense, what is the reasoning behind getting something called LEGENDARY every 2s? Why make rarity tier when the only thing that drop is legendary?
This system is not what they wanted, it just went sideways and they don’t mind or don’t know how to fix it.


I can say so much about that, but you just need to search in the forum a little bit and you’ll see how this is not fine, it is a story written by a 10 years old at best.

I like bl3 gameplay, no complains here

Being OP is not a great state, and there a lot of things that are broken, just a small example sntl cryo is broken for Zane, if you swap weapons while sntl is active, you lose the sntl cryo effect, and he is still forced to use seein dead…

Yes. I even completed GTD before they nerfed the enemies and before the legendaries power creep… Like, second day after release.

I won’t buy that ■■■■.


Overhauling mayhem and mayhem (weapon) scaling could probably fix the biggest problems with matchmaking i think.

Now for me, i’m more then capable to solo M10/11 and i think if 3 people joined me i would still be able to do so (i don’t like playing with other/random people) the game isn’t exactly hard atm :worried:

But there’s so much they could have done to make coop fun, even with the current state of the game. From what i heard and read, there’s a serious lack of decent options

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My personal thought on this is that the existing three trees were plenty to deal with already, especially with the augments on top. I would rather have had three new trees on a new character with a new base action skill than one new tree on each of the four existing characters.

But that’s just me - I’m more about playing than theorizing/building, and if you give me too many options I have a hard time figuring out exactly what I want to do.


I use to be on the same boat, but now, like BL2, the only way I can continue playing this game is with mods to fix the balancing. BL1 and TPS are the only ones I can play without feeling like I need mods. Feels like a blessing in disguise that those games weren’t supported long enough to get anything similar to OP and Mayhem.


Yea, I actually did start a new playthrough on bl1 when I got a switch in november. And I am enjoying it, but playing maybe 3 or 4 times a week for a little bit. I’m just burnt out on the older games cause I played them so so much. Bl3 is almost everything I want in a borderlands game. And I still enjoy playing through it and trying new things.

Sooooooooo, GBX has employees who already don’t understand the game they designed, hiring new future employees that also won’t understand the game? Got it.


They are hiring new people to be aware of it so they can look into it but not fix anything at this time.


Thats what i got from it.

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@patbateman72 Dude, I kind of feel like I am about the most hardcore on this game that there could be, but I am most definitely SMH right now. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.


If it was not, so many would not suffer this much. This game is awesome, I try new games now and then and eventually come back to BL3. That’s why so many are asking for more, because they wiped the dish clean, heck ate the dish too, and they are starving.



If you are really here, trying to say that the story in BL3 is somehow inferior to BL1 or BL2, it’s pure nostalgia talking.

Borderlands 1 Story was sparse, at best. I mean, please enlighten me about Steele, and who she was, what her Siren Abilities were. Tell me all about the super cohesive story in that game.

Borderlands 2 Story was “ok”, and had highlights, but it wasn’t told better. The only thing that BL2 had, was JACK. And Jack is gone. He’s dead. He was an amazing villain, but he’s gone. BL3 was never going to have a villain that lived up to that hype, so if that’s what you were looking for, I don’t know what to tell you.

And if Story was TRULY what mattered to people, TPS wouldn’t have cratered, and people wouldn’t have whined about that game, because it had THE BEST story.

So many people are mad that BL3 isn’t more Jack, or they hate Ava, because they Blame Ava (wrongly) for Maya’s death, Or they don’t care for the ending (I don’t like it).

But the story worked. It functioned. It flowed. It had a purpose.

You may not have liked it, but in terms of Borderlands Games, it was #2 on the list, based on Story.

If you’re taking your cues from reviewers, I don’t know what to tell you.

And The Last of Us 2?
From what I’ve heard, the game is fine, and people that don’t like it, are the same people who went on a hate campaign against the voice actress of the character they didn’t like.

So, I’m going to go ahead and say I’ll take it as a compliment that I don’t agree with those people.

Sorry, BL3 is easily the best game in the franchise, and it’s not even remotely close, in terms of gameplay. Could the story have been better?

Sure. Of course. But the story worked, and moved the franchise forward. If you aren’t happy with it, then move on. Find something else to play, stop whining on the forum about something that wont change, and get over yourself.


I feel like the metaphor is more like that: People were starving after years without a new “dish”, then they came up with this delicious looking “dish”, when we started to eat we were eating by hunger and when we started to get to the middle of the plate, we noticed that it was raw and cold… Now we ask them to finish the “dish” that sure as hell looked delicious.


The problem with BL3s story at least to me isn’t with the quality of writing or anything like that. I like some aspects and i dislike others just like i do with the rest of the games in the series. The problem is that there is a lot of downtime during the missions where all you can do is stand around and wait for the characters to be done talking.


For me despite all the plot holes, the promises before the game, the weird decisions… What I disliked the most is that you are not part of the story at all hahahaha.
There is only one character that recognizes what you accomplished in the entire game, and that’s Troy. The story is about the NPCs, you are just watching.
Playing doom eternal after bl3 is such a weird change of view, in doom you are the star of the show, you are what makes the difference in the universe, while in bl3 you are just a minion.
“Lilith, Maya, Ava, Tannis”, those are the main characters of the story, “Fl4k, Amara, Zane and Moze” are just small fries.