I think we missed something, guys

We’ve all seen this image at same point. Nothing really exciting about it, and we can recognize most of the characters (including an odd, two armed Orendi). I don’t know where it’s from, it’s probably a rough concept for the box art.

However, if we look closely there’s something a little unusual just below the “N” and right above Rath…


What in the Jesus H. Christ is that thing?

Do you guys know anything, @JoeKGBX @Jythri? Who/what is this thing supposed to be? Why is it there? I’d love to know.


Very interesting, I never noticed this^^ Seems like a alternate version of maybe Toby? As I remember they reworked his concept alot. Or its someone else entirely.

Loved this alternate Orendi design alot, but four arms = :heart:

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It looks like a Cyberdemon!


Battleborn Season 2: The Varelsi void is a portal to Doom’s hellscape and the Battleborn must face the hoards of the damned.


Is Oscar Mike actually Doomguy!?


IDDQD & IDKFA work in Battleborn on PC.


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We had this discussion a looooooong time ago…

I think it’s an old version of ISIC or a random boss that never been in the game.


Yup, we already did this

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I mean, isn’t Ben still orange on that picture too?

It’s an alternative concept of Garblanthix Ur.


I thought you meant me, my real name is Ben :sweat_smile:

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That’s Ejo’Lorr. :slight_smile:

He didn’t make the cut.

I think @MentalMars has some talking points with me about this fellow. I’ll let him chime in before I elaborate much further.


This video got a bit delayed because the ‘Marketing Ninjas™’ needed to make sure that no devs were harmed during the interview. I just got clearance to post that segment of the interview.


Jesus! It looks like a mean ass boss from a Doom or Duke Nukem type game. Imagine what kind of unexpected VO it would have had if it did make it into the game :open_mouth:

“Hi guys, I’m going to melt your faces with my fist gun and crush your skulls with my oversized jaws. I hope you don’t mind! Ta!”

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So he has a name now. Whoop whoop.
He just kinda reminds me of ISIC. ISICs long lost bro.

Any relation, or relevance, to Oxo-Lorr?

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Oh come on, don’t be like that! We have no other ways of ever knowing :frowning:


Same, and my pic is orange too lol

Okay, okay. You’re going to make me learn how to use the spoiler tag, because this has some Toby’s Friendship Raid tie-ins…

[spoiler]Ejo-Lorr (sorry, supposed to be a dash, not a hyphen I put in originally) and Oxo-Lorr are both members of a race known as “lorrians”. They are in many ways the Hutts of the Battleborn universe: Mercs, black market dealers, shady characters.

In Toby’s raid, we brought this more directly into the line of fire with a character known as THE Lorrian (pretty arrogant title, that). The Lorrian ties into to some of the other lore entries with Toby and Reyna as well.

The original vision for the lorrian race was much like Ejo-Lorr is shown there. Thaddeus in the Friendship raid was re-imagined to look more like a monstrous leopard seal. Whatever they look like in the full form, they’re big, mean, devious, and ambitious.

So, yes. Related. :slight_smile: