I think we need a gun patch

We honestly need a patch to make alot of these throw away legendaries better. Why are there so many legendaries and 95%of them are just useless. Wood locker should do more than just be hard recoil burst fire with extremly low element chance/DOT. Polumbus should just do ALOT more damage or something cuz it’s super bad. Rough rider should have slightly more dmg reduction and health increase.

The list obviously goes on and on and on. What are some changes to the super garbage legendaries yall would want changed.


If they were to update these legendaries, I hope drop rates get updated too. That’s a problem that seems to seep into every thread somehow.

I know I’ve found about 15 Bear Trooper classmods, but never a Bloodletter, and it feels like I’ve seen every legendary artifact 10 times, but have yer to see a single Deathless or an Otto Idol.


I honestly think that just making specific drops vary the gun stats, with a more realistic sized loot pool and drop rate, will solve most of these problems.

This is why people spent hours farming for perfect variants. It’s a reward mechanic…

My fear is that the code to make world drops cover all bases is at the root of the problem of specific drops…

But perhaps someone with better knowledge of how it works can clear that up for me?

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It would be great if they did a wave of re-design/adjustments on the majority of legendaries so that people don’t feel like they have to use the same five or six guns for the harder content, but it just seems so unlikely… they have so much broken stuff to fix, by the time they do that it’s going to be end of life for this game. Not to say it couldn’t happen, but I don’t have much hope.


Yeah all those elemental legendaries are lame with the low elemental chance. Increasing it would really make a difference. Right now only high rof weapons are good

Gearbox: “We have a billion guns!”

Players after beating the game once: “Yea… I don’t really care about 99.9% of them”

More tedious, if anything. I guess it’s a way to add artificial replayability. But yeah, most legendaries are garbage. Not gun-related, but most slam/slide fireballz non-sense artifacts are big garbage.

Also, is there even a noteable Tediore legendary? Like that’s even worth anything?


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Every time I play this game I wonder why there are so many terribly bad legendaries, and what the hell was Gearbox thinking when they made these decisions. So many are not even good purple grade levels of quality, and an embaressment to be colored orange. It is actually detrimental to the excitement factor of seeing gold when you just expect it to be junk, not even worth selling levels of junk at that.


i think polybius would be pretty good if the damage wasn’t abysmal, and if more than just “land crab” tediore mode could happen on reload. i mean the fire rate is great, and it unloads quick, so if the reload didn’t suck it would be so much better.

Sadly most of the ‘balance’ changes made to items and skills so far with the intent to ‘increase build diversity’ have actually had the exact opposite effect.

Most of the top gear guns have already had a nerf or two (cutsman, Lucians etc) and are still the most used, which shows you how far ahead they were of the rest of the pack.

The loot pool also definitely does not feel like it had even odds for world drops. I get endless malaks banes, woodblockers, ASMD and so on to the point where I’m sick of the sight of them.


I don’t mind there being some legendaries that are goofy/gimmicky rather than practical. What I do have an issue with is those guns – and we all know the usual suspects here (Woodblocker, ASMD, Krakatoa, etc.) – having hugely elevated drop rates compared to the actually useful stuff. At that point, they’re just polluting the loot pool.

The same goes for anointments, for that matter. There’s a small handful that are useful and a bunch that are garbage.


I get that drop rates for some legendaries are extremly high and they are usually the trash snipers I’m just saying they should buff some legendaries and make them meaningful. I also thing they should in general buff like every sniper but lyda because well… every sniper but lyuda honestly sucks. The crit damage on a monocle is just not good enough to make it better than a lyuda at all


Well in every mode besides M4 the Monocle can 1 shot basically any mob. I’ve even 1 shot Anointed with it in slaughter shaft on M3 with neutral modifiers. It’s a very good sniper and what makes it different note I didn’t say better because it’s always situational, is that it’s ammo conservative.

It’s still useful in M4 but not amazing anymore, It won’t be 1-shotting anointed or triple bars but you can kill them reasonably with it. It will still 1-shot shielded trash mobs in m4.

Also once you have Overkill guardian rank back, that’s where it can really shine. With overkill I’ve had it hitting over a million with Fl4k.

Yeah to many guns that just sit in the fault. Why just make a few amazing ones.

Snipers and heavies need buffed and ammo pools for them need help too!


They also need to address the fact that according to people datamining the anointment drop values, it is confirmed that Gearbox either backtracked or messed up on their claim that they would keep the higher anointment values from anniversary week.


the problem isn’t the guns sucks, it’s that M4 is way overtuned. many of the weapons that just doesn’t perform well in M4 works pretty great in M3.


I’m gonna guess you have trouble controlling the kick.

How do you know Woodblockers, ASMDs, and Krakatoa drop too much? When you can ID them before they hit the ground.

And I second the dearth of good sniper rifles (see above list). After the Lyuda, and the Monocle — and maybe the Headsplosion, their really isn’t anything else.

I have a really hard time taking Gearbox’s “build diversity is important” line seriously because Mayhem 4 exists. The number of really good and fun weapons that work great in M3 that just get tossed by the wayside when going to M4 makes me sad.

It’s mind boggling that the designers who came up with +850% health AND +1000% Shield AND +1000% Armor didn’t see this coming.

This level of lacking diversity would cause a college Office of Diversity and Inclusion to lose its mind and start rioting in the streets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: