I think we should be able to cuss in these forums

like, the borderlands games are rated M. most people start cussing regularly even before they’re 18 anyway. kinda weird that we cant cuss in a forum about killing midgets and stuff lol


F### yeah;

I really like that it’s not permitted. Expletives are so easily misinterpreted when people have differing backgrounds. We get enough heated tempers in these forums, if swearing was allowed these threads would devolve more quickly and more often into shouting matches.

Is there really anything you want to say on this forum whose meaning is not clearly conveyed by ■■■■■■■ boxes?


A website is not a video game, and the owners of the site (GBX in this case) do have to take that into account. For example, compare the game rating to the web site “you must be 13+” to create an account.

The policy is as set out in the FORUM RULES; if GBX want to change that at some point, they can do. For now, however, that is just how things are.


If you can’t have a conversation without cussing, probably best just not to have one at all.

Now i cuss, almost everyone does, but it’s pretty easy not to cuss. My dad drinks alcohol everyday and smokes daily, he says cussing is the worst habit he has and it would be the hardest for him to break.

My suggestion? Just get a better vocabulary


I think you’re goddamned ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ absolutely ■■■■■■■ right!

Oh hey, look - we can. Hoor-■■■■■■■-aaayyy!!!

The ■■■■ are you on about, Pie? :dukecheese:

I personally don’t care that we can’t curse on here because while I do curse, I try to limit it because excessive cursing is annoying and loses its effectiveness. It’s one thing to say “God damnit!” when you slam your finger in a door; it’s another when you just stub your toe.


That’s not a conversation :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly, a good F bomb is like fine wine(at least i think, idk i don’t drink), should only be used on special occasions and not wasted on everyday crap


Well wait a minute folks. We’re not talking about cursing, we’re talking about cussin’.

So yes, you are free to say dagnabbit and goldurn all day long.

Cursing though? Yeah, not required. There’s this thing called adulthood where one learns to be more respectful.


The 69th order of meth goblins agrees that responsibility is a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ cornerstone of quality.


I prefer to use sci-fi cuss words like frak, gorram, or shazbot.

This seems an odd discussion to me. This seems like the reasoning of a pouting child, petulant because they can’t play with their new toy. Apologies. I was always taught that there are things you don’t say in mixed company, and the company here is quite mixed. We have members of every possible orientation, race, creed, age, and any other category you can think of. I like it here because there is so much variety in the membership, and I would not want to offend anyone (even though it seems likely that I have at one time or another). I tend to agree with the sentiment put forth by Pie several posts back, to whit:

Basically that “profanity is the crutch of a crippled conversation.” (Credit to my mom and several other educators in my past.) Profanity is like seasoning, it should be used sparingly to enhance flavor without overpowering the essence of your message. But where there are rules against it they should be followed out of respect for those that made them and those that adhere to them.

That’s not to say that there aren’t places where it’s ok to swear profusely, anyone who knows me can attest to the creativity I apply to my profanity elsewhere, but this isn’t that place.


Anyone think it’s ok to swear in public - say at the zoo? Your answer should be “no”. Same applies here.


I’m perfectly fine with some words being censored, knowing that my own language can be very colourful if things are going badly.

Plus, because a game, in this case BL3, can get away with stronger language, it doesn’t mean a public forum can. Games are rated for a reason.


And just because your Twitter isn’t private doesn’t make that “in public”. Just felt like that clarification might be necessary.

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I mean, what if… Say you saw a really cool zebra. And you exclaimed, “Look at those ■■■■■■■ stripes!” I wouldn’t say that’s inappr- wait, are there kids at the zoo? Ok, if it’s like a zoo where kids go, then maybe not. IDK. ■■■■ off. :slight_smile:

The zebra would, of course, be mortally offended at your utterance. The monkeys will simply throw poo fecal matter at you. (Sorry, Sir Hammerlock!)


Perhaps we should make a list of curses that are permitted. To whit : bescumber.

The English language is replete with obscure curse words that would do a fabulous job. You get to curse AND you get to show your proficiency with prose! High brow, low brow! How Shakespearean! Imagine the even greater heights this forum could soar to!

(Caveat : good spelling, syntax, grammar, capitalization and punctuation are still required, or at least appreciated)


Well today is a daydrinking day after I get off work, so you best bet your britches Ima bescumber all over this thread come sometime.


Cussing and/or insulting in style will go right under the radar. Examples used on this forum include:

  • Tabarnouche
  • Tabarnak
  • Couillon sortant
  • Criss de calis d’osti de tabarnak
  • Putang ina mo
  • Ai kwai

And a little comment on the french language posted by @Jefe :

This should give anyone some fodder for creative cursing…