I thought EOS was a guaranteed legendary

Title says all, it takes me a while to kill them both, but I stopped getting glitch and legendary drops from EOS. Can someone confirm if it is supposed to be guaranteed please. Farming for maggie, luck cannon or any and all Jacobs lefendaries.

First time, yes

Why not use the grinder? You can just about anything u want from it with a lil patience…

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At the end of the game some one says that they thought that they thought that SH4D0-TP would drop a legendary after you kill EOS and then he does. I went and killed EOS and ECLIPSE 3 more times after that and no one said that they wanted a legendary. But 5H4D0-TP still dropped the legendary after 5 sec. I WAS on TVHM (True Vault Hunter Mode) though.

If it’s not guaranteed it’s damn high. So far I always got a Legendary from them after the Story battles.

Until one kill later.

Just when you beat him the first time for the quest its guaranteed . But he still is a great boss to farm for legendarys and loot, also glitch gear.

Too my unexperienced eye it actually looks like the first three times per playthrough are guaranteed, the rest are random. It could be coincidence but it sure is weird when I defeat him twice in TVHM and three times in UVHM (story included) and get a Legendary every time. After that I haven’t gotten a Legendary yet in three more UVHM kills.