I thought I was safe

I thought I was safe from the bank bug in Sanctuary; I had it full of great stuff that I couldn’t wait to use on my other characters. But unfortunately that was not the case. I lost everything randomly today; I hope that I can get everything I had back because I had all of the legendary class mods for each character with great rolls on some of them. Hopefully they can fix this issue soon and get me my stuff back; if not I will be a very sad man. I don’t farm for hours to just lose all my progress in an instant you know? I’m very worried and scared I will not see that stuff ever again :frowning:

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Dont ever think something wont happen to you. always be cautious. If you see it happen to a lot of people, be careful. its happened to me 3 times.

Untill it’s fixed and probably even after I just make bank characters on another profile and give them all the stuff I want to save, plus I have a mobile bank that way