I thought it was a glitch but I was wrong. Nanu Nanu

I had the MORQ equipped along with the Boganella for… reasons and out of no where MORQ starts talking 50x a second. Well, you know Boganella just couldn’t stay quiet after that.

I realized why it was happening, it’s because threshers cause multiple shield hits before they emerge, but dammit it was unexpected and funny as hell to me. Enjoy the Robin Williams eargasm! I’m still on the lookout for a Cutie Killer, but oh man people are never going to want to play co-op with me again. D:


That is bloody awesome!

Thank you!

RIP Robin!

I guess it wasn’t as awesome as we thought, I dunno. I couldn’t stop laughing once I heard the audio going crazy, it just seemed fitting.

I like having the MORQ equipped with Timothy, then summoning digiJacks, with YHMS. Especially in an environment where the digiJacks go down often. You get the same “Goooooood Morning Claptrap!” intro each time a digiJack spawns.