I thought Miko is a Support

If that’s the case how come I can basically lone wolf and dagger people to death early game all the way to the lvl 10

Its so annoying to have Gallilea and Miko on the same side because the whole match revolves around them. The other three enemies don’t even matter at that point because Gallilea is still stupid ■■■■■■■ broken and Miko heal beam is infinite and can rep her through a nuclear bomb… by the time you get close to killing Miko she has already killed you.

How did this get through beta. Seriously. She is so broken if everyone doesn’t focus on her at the beginning to keep her from leveling too fast the game is pretty set at that point.

Which is it? The damage or the healing. People continually make it sound like Miko can max both at the same time, which is not true. Miko isn’t not that durable when you are landing crits on that huge head.

There are already tons of threads about this.

That is just a classic case of teamwork. If you have all 5 players rushing the same hallway or area you wont be able to get much done. Miko has to stay at the hip of Galilea to keep the heals going meaning Miko is going to be in a close range with healing gal. CC is a great way to get Miko off his healing and Gal off her shield. There are also choke points, flanking, and baiting tactics that can get people off guard as well. Sure Galilea is really strong but she isn’t immune. Same goes for the Miko healing her.

Miko in my opinion is best played as support because he is an easy one to learn from the get go. The thing is with Miko you kind of have to dedicate yourself to a play style. Hybrid is not good for Miko it’s either you are going full support or full DPS. You will also get lovely hate from players for picking DPS route because they fail to see Miko can actually be a pretty decent DPS aside from his support role.

I only have have two mutations but I help his dps with reload speed and critical equipment. His daggers are strong without bonuses. If the enemy has less than 1700 health Miko should be able to challenge them 1v1.

Which is it? The damage or the healing. People continually make it sound like Miko can max both at the same time, which is not true.

Obviously you can’t max both, but with Miko you really don’t have to. I think Miko is a hell of a lot better than it was, but it could still use it’s damage reduced.

Mikes goal should be raining hell on minions from a distance and from safish zones…then sneak in with his cloak and maintain turrets or pick up shards…his job is not in center field…he’s supporting fire from a distance…hence the gun, grenade and airstrikes. Problem is when a melee guy gets close your screwed…it’s not cod play to your strengths not your weaknesses.

If the other player uses no skills maybe. I’ve never lost a 1 v 1 versus a Miko without an other enemy intervening (I play a lot as Caldarius if you want to know). Judging from your avatar you play Oscar Mike (I thought this thread would be about him…) The highest damage dealer in any game. The best objective focused character ingame (can kill minions, turrets and do huge damage to sentries with nubtub and ult) and he is no wuss versus players either. He’s not OP but is very strong and generaly good character. Has a great escape too, so even if you’re losing versus a sole Miko (which would be shameful, truly) you can leg it out of there. If you can’t kill a Miko with him the Miko player is simply much better than you are at this game.

Fighting a Galilea and a Miko still counts as a 1v2 fight even if the Miko isn’t attacking you. You’re going to lose that encounter pretty much every time. My advice is to avoid it or 2v2 it.


Best idea for sure…no characters can really 1v2 unless challengers have very low health…time to switch lanes or focus minions. Capture i don’t play b/c that doesn’t fit this game well.

Phone auto corrected to mike. And this is default avatar. I do play Mike alot on meltdown.

I’m just tired of seeing my entire team in one lane the whole match trying kill Gallilea and her healer. Mike is designated as a pusher, but Gallilea defines it. She can charge straight through Montana gatling fire solo and kill him… which is ■■■■■■■■.

Just rename the game to “Gallilea and These Other People You Are Forced to Choose From Because You Were Too Slow”. The longer this goes on the more people will realize how ■■■■■■■■ OP she is and use her. I’ve only seen Baldur once in my time playing, but I see Miko/Ambra + Gallilea almost every single match and mode.

I hope you realise overexaggeration doesn’t help further your argument. Also, meltdown is Mike’s favorite mode, he eats minions and since he can do it from range easily after getting acog on level 3 you can just ignore the Galilea from a save spot ( right behind the minion shredder, covered by accelerators and slow turrets but complete over…sight (almost said a nasty word there) over the lane and make her lane do nothing (she kills your mins, but you kill hers). The other 4 players on your team can slaughter the other lane.

But your first instinct would be to fire at Galilea, wouldn’t it? C’mon, admit it! Kills are useless, focus minions and not dying and you’ll win.

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The topic changed but okay I’ll let you tell me what I already know so you feel better.

Hmm, much better. This is the thing, people don’t accept feedback or help. They just yell “Nerf this and that so I can win the game” instead of asking for tips or help with a problem they are facing.

(shield) Minions > Miko > Galilea

Good luck, and who knows, maybe you get your wish and Miko will be nerfed off the roster. If that happens… Cool, whatever, just don’t try to nerf Caldarius.

I think you are overexagerating Galilea and Miko. Both have been nerfed. Galilea in the beta, and more recently both of them got a nerf. As it is you should be figuring out her strengths and weaknesses. Some characters can’t take on a Galilea 1v1. Others can destroy her without much thought. I’ve personally 1v2 a Galilea teamed with a Miko many times. All it takes is the right character, with the right helix choices, and careful strategy and skill usage. Personally, I don’t think they need to be nerfed at all anymore. Actually didn’t think they needed the most recent nerf. Both have weaknesses against certain characters and strategies. I main with Thorn, and she is very good at killing Galilea. It’s pretty dangerous before level seven, and very dangerous before 5, but after I have the right helix choices, and gear activated, I can plow through a Galilea. Area of effects, slows, speedy character to get around the shield. Kill the Miko first and quickly. Damage him till he starts to back off, then finish with ULT, then kite around the Galilea while they struggle to get in melee range. Any character that struggles with melee fighters is going to have a hard time with Galilea, but others can take them out with the right know-how. If Galilea or Miko is nerfed any more, they will end up in the graveyard of unused characters.
Also a Miko teamed with Galilea is nothing to worry about compared to a smart Miko healing a smart Montana. They can hold a defensive line so well.

I didn’t mean max both with helix choices, but that he can’t maximize damage and helping at the same time. That stands in contrast with Kleese, for example, who can’t do as much single target healing as Miko, but has nice area heals past level 5 that require nothing but the need to be very close.

Every support in the game so far is very different from the other. I think many don’t realize how cool that is and how difficult from a design standpoint. Yes Miko can jump between dealing significant damage or significant healing, but can’t be doing both simultaneously. You can pressure Miko or the person they are with and force them to heal, negating their damage output, as an example.

Yea, that’s what Ambra is for.