I thought someone said Maliwan scaled down

Ok so was in hospital for last week and heard Maliwan was going to be adjusted for a time. so went in did moxxis got emote, head and player skin. then i went into maliwan now not even able to get 3 big bots. guess its part of game i wont do. just wanted to do it once.

They’re only scaling it down at the end of the year.

Quoting the patch notes:


It will be scaled down I think starting dec 31(might be wrong about that). But the matchmaking is alot better now. You should be able to get matched up to 4player teams instead of 2/3 man teams

Awesome news I was tired of waiting forever to get into a lobby with 1 other person then waiting 10-15 minutes, just to have original guy quit out will definitely give it a go