I thought these were called expeditious?

Old Hyperion is called Expeditious. New Hyperion (and, subsequently, the ones in BL2) are called Synergy.

That one is like old though , but same name. 1. It does not zero in, it gets more accurate but not pinpoint 2. Much slower fire rate 3. Its got the old color scheme.

I thought that was the pre-fix and for Maliwan, iirc. I’m pretty sure I have an Expeditious Thunderball Fists. I could be mis-remembering here.

I think your right about it being a prefix for the Tball Fist. I’m about 87% sure I had one at some point.

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Expeditious does serve in both capacities. It’s the fire rate accessory for Maliwan pistols, as well as the name of the line of Old Hyperion pistols with the Vladof barrel.

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Not sure I’ve ever run across that.