I took Battleborn's red pill

I don’t even know what to believe in anymore. It’s like I found out the God I’ve worshiped my entire life was really just a Hobo whispering to me through my bathroom window.

As much as I love Galilea I find it nearly impossible to try and justify this (although I would like to try it out for a weekend). I feel like all I’ve fought for over these past five months was for nothing. These changes are too drastic for my taste, so I’m just going to take a step back from getting involved with the discussion of character balance for a while. And in my honest opinion I feel it would have helped this game and my perception of it if they had released it a bit later than they did.

And I don’t know what to do. Part of me wants to keep fighting, while the rest has already thrown my hands up in the air and is ready to just let the wind take Battleborn wherever it may land.

This (EDIT) was an over-dramatization, but still adding 665 damage onto her melee combo spin back in March is ■■■■■■■ nuts.

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Good lord Almighty.

I appreciate character changes can be frustrating and the need to rebalance the game is undesirable. But I don’t really share your harsh judgment of Gearbox on this. The Battleborn characters are pretty complex and the way their skills interact on the battlefield is intricate. It’s not surprising that characters need to be altered once gameplay data comes in.

Lots of online games change (and revert) characters many years into their life. Battleborn is still new and it will take some time to fine tune. I’m glad the devs are committed to doing it.


Think about all of the balancing done to a simple game to Overwacth. Now add in the helixes and all of those variables. Then add in the gear. That adds a lot more complexity to the game than exists within a simple game like Overwatch. That also makes it a lot harder to balance. I don’t envy the devs and all of the work required of them to balance this game.


I am assuming this was a rant to end rants :slight_smile:

Yet to try out any changes yet, but was happy with some of what I saw.

Wait what happened?

Balance is not equality… Balance means they can be nerfed, buffed or be meh(noot good not bad).

I like how it get changed and i need to adapt, some changes are rly bad like benedict but they reverted it after a while.

This is their first moba and they are working hard and i love that!

Dmg per Sword from 67 to 133… or the other way around.

I’m not sure.

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Look this was just a fun way to share some information I found and to more or less say I’m done complaining about character balancing (at least for a while) as it’s too much of a roller coaster for me.

I still love the game and I know it doesn’t translate through text, but i’m just jokingly saying their changes are too drastic for my taste personally. And in my honest opinion I feel it would have been better for this game on many levels if they had just released it at a later date than they did. And I’m a little disappointed you all would flag something like this.

And I’d like to ask the mods if I can just repost it as is without any changes, as I don’t think it really breaks any forum rules.

And for those curious the picture is from March, I just only found it last night.

I am also surprised.

On my first post I didn’t realise I could read the text you had posted, so I was merely speculating.

Now having read your post, I cant see what was offensive in that at all, a bit over the top maybe :grinning:, but not offensive in anyway