I tried the halloween event

I tried the halloween event and uh am i missing something here??? I’m playing a looter shooter to do 2 things shoot stuff and uh loot items? There’s a mechanic that stops me from being able to shoot things and there’s no loot.

Now I’m going to be very careful here but let’s just say a large portion of the human population are lets say special. By that I mean all the whining over legendaries being too common because they are the color orange… Somehow comparing a legendary in this game to an exotic in destiny. Legendaries in this game are equal to guess what a legendary in destiny or anthem or division 2 w.e. They are a random rolled item that is more times then not junk.

Just because it is the color orange does not make it akin to an exotic. A exotic is a fixed rolled master class item that once you have one of them you have all of them of that type. I get a hard light that’s the hard light there isn’t any other variations… That’s why it’s rare omg so amazing who the hell would have thought that.

The event seriously why do I want any of this crap. The fear mechanic is a counterproductive unfun annoyance. That will be gone when the event is over. Maybe I want the grenade although probably not because if it is in anyway shape or form good it will be nerfed to kingdom come. Like my firestorm grenade with only one mirv. Why do you only have one mirv on your grenade joshjda? Because that was all I could get after hours and hours of grinding. You know how much damage it does? NOTHING. One grenade can not even kill a small ratch with no shield.

Seriously wtf happened to gear box? Your games are supposed to be fun most importantly. Why doesn’t your game have fall damage? Is taking fall damage fun? There is nothing fun about grinding hours to make builds to have them nerfed out of existence. There’s nothing fun about playing a looter shooter where’s there’s no loot and it stops me from shooting.

I DO NOT want to regrind a full collection of all new crap for 4 characters just because some “special” individual decides to nerf everything. What was achieved by this? Uhh nothing… Can make flak just as if not more op with a nuclear build. Moze only real build is grenade spam that is not shooting btw. It’s boring nonsense akin to tediore chucking.

I guess what I am saying is just give me the god damn game I paid for. The drop rates that were advertised the skills as they were meant to be. Stop making all the mistakes of every damn game dev over the past 3 years all in one freakin game. Seriously just stop.


Yay I just lost 4.4 million dollars cause I died cause my blood letter class mod was nerfed out of existence whoohoo. Fun.