I tried with The Flakker. I have tried

Please take note that every Item mentioned is level 70 being used on UVHM mode.
The Flakker is an extremely polarizing Gun, there are people who hate it, and people who are willing to make sup par threats towards others for hating it, so after a conversation a while ago I tried the thing out once again but not without taking multiple factors into account:

1: Remove all damage bonuses to leave none of my favorite Shotguns at an advantage (Viral Marketer and Flayer BTW).

2: It’s best damage comes from being in mid range so if I face lunging or jumping enemies I’m in a smidge of trouble.

3: Without Weapon Swap speed bonuses the swap glitch that made it amazing (to me) in BL2 is impossible so the only reason I liked it in 2 is gone while I play as Wilhelm.

4: It’s fire rate is crap but using the swap bug to bypass that would not be fair so I won’t.

5: Bullet Velocity boosts destroy it’s usefulness so no Skills sans Wolf & Saint.

And in my attempts on using it in areas like Custer 00773 Pandora and Triton Flats I found myself doing better damage with the Viral Marketer than the Flakker, the Flayer was in a whole league above the latter. I tried against the Giant Kraggon in Serenity’s Waste but it did crap.

After trying I realized something, I have always disliked Borderlands guns that have awkward ranged abilities. I never liked the UK Harold and Interfacer in BL2 just like how I never like the Flakker in either game, all because they only really excelled in damage in only one range: medium. If I face an enemy that can clear distances in one leap I am forced to swap weapons all because they can’t do much up close (don’t tell me I’m playing wrong and I haven’t tried enough. I. Have. Tried. To make them work. They don’t do anything for me).

I have looked online for strategies on it to find that the only videos on it I found were using the swap bug (Jack), or Broken builds (Athena’s Maelstrom and Claptrap being Claptrap). I’ve seen someone in BL2 dual wield Flakkers as Sal fighting OP8 Jacques and it took longer than using two Tidal Wave Shotguns.

With no progress by myself I gave up, if I do need “special training” to use it properly I’ll pass since I’m not going to bother with a gun I don’t enjoy and if it does have better DPS than the Flayer I don’t see it because from my experience it’s vice versa. Hell the Viral Marketer has better DPS from what I’ve seen.

So I end with this, just because other people can use it, doesn’t mean everyone can. I respect people who like it (as long as they show a modicum of respect towards me back) but IMO (In My Opinion) it’s my least favorite (I’m kind of a Jerk) Shotgun in TPS because it’s the only Unique/Legendary Shotgun I can’t kill squat with.

Literally, I can’t even kill Squat with it.

I’m not going to post a detailed response because there are much better Flakker experts here than me but I will say that

Also regarding the splash damage, 1.) there is bullet damage but you generally don’t hit with it, and 2.) the splash doesn’t get grenade damage.

try not standing still when they jump at you.

So if it does get Gun Damage boosts that actually makes things even worse considering that Even with 103% gun Damage it still can’t kill much while Guns like the Party Line and Viral Marketer can.

I’ve one-shotted enemies with it as Claptrap without One Last Thing before; usually I don’t but I’m still able to get at least a sizable amount of their health down. Note that without One Last Thing I typically only have about +86% damage on it.

In addition to what @Poisonedbite said, Wilhelm only has one skill that increases bullet velocity. You can still go for Fire Support, Fortify etc. Just avoid Afterburner.

Wilhelm might be another toon that the Flakker would work good for as there are class mods you can get that will give him boost to explosive damage. With my Wilhelm, I only have him fitted with lasers and torgue weapons, I was going to try out the Flakker with him this weekend.

I can’t avoid Afterburner since I want the 50% reload speed and Flying speed for Wolf, besides the Velocity boost is really good for other Torgue guns like Ravagers and the Nukem, along with almost every weapon I like.
I’m not going to get rid of something that good for a Shotgun I don’t need to use, or can even use at all.
I’m sorry if I’m offending others by calling it the worst Shotgun In my opinion but that is my opinion, so please respect it.

Let me dislike a Shotgun, it won’t kill your experience if you just let one man dislike a single gun.

I’m using a Celestial Enforcer COM and that at level 70 gives me basically 50% Gun damage (If you include the +5 to Fire Support) and helps Double the Shield Capacity of my Naught (Love that thing).

Why do you keep making topics saying it sucks but you refuse to give it a fair shot because you are using it with a poor set up for the flakker.

You have every right to not like it, but if you make these topics others also have the right to disagree and dispute your points.

Let me dislike a Shotgun, it won’t kill your experience if you just let one man dislike a single gun.

It’s okay to dislike popular weapons. Hell, I dislike the Pimpernel despite it being the strongest gun in BL2 and it being universally praised by pretty much everyone who knows about it. I just think that it’s not exactly wise to make a statement such as “the Flakker is the worst” based on your experience and your experience alone. imo if it had a more personal tone such as “the Flakker is my least favorite shotgun” then it would be more acceptable.

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I never said they don’t have the right to. And this is the only topic I have made where I said it sucks In My Opinion, I can only think of one other where I said I didn’t like it, the only one other time I mentioned it was in a thread made by someone else.

Besides, I gave it a fair shot by using it without skills besides Wolf & Saint. That’s a smidge fair In my opinion.

And yes, others have the right to dispute my points, that’s why I made this, to hear different points but to also give my own.

I don’t like mid range only weapons, especially when one skill can reduce it’s usefulness, not to mention that it’s fire rate is poor (don’t tell me to swap weapons to fix that, if it involves methods Gearbox never intended to be part of the game, I don’t count it as a strength, it would be similar to saying fighting Master Gee isn’t long if you crush him with the gate or that Craw is easy if you use the infamous sniping spot).

I never did and I don’t do that either

I didn’t mean that as something you do, I just wanted to keep others from saying that, I’m sorry.
I also apologize for being too general, I’ll change it to least favorite Shotgun, not worst, that was rude of me.

All he said was a Moot and insulting comment, If I had 100 badass rank for every clear time I avoided a lunge for my Shield to still take damage, I would have had 100,000 Badass rank before the Claptastic voyage came out.

Melee and slam attacks in BL2 & TPS are rather unfair in their hit detection to say the least.

You’re right, entirely right, I was wrong and I take it back.

i stand by what i said. if a melee enemy is close enough to jump at you, you didn’t kill them quick enough.

And August called Rhys in TftB “Captain Obvious”… Clearly he never met you.

Now please remember that I stated that I turned off all my skills sans Wolf & Saint along with my BAR, it’s not easy to instant kill Lunatics when they can clear gorges in one leap and have considerable amounts of Health.

Please also note that I don’t care if you can do it no sweat since I’m not you.

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I sense hostility growing. Note that I am keeping an eye on things. Be cool.

IDK how it is on wilhelm, but with nisha, i have gotten 25 second kills on eclipse with it, so while it may not be the best gun in all scenarios, it certainly can do better than a lot of other shotguns with the correct circumstances.

Nisha can break anything lol

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