I trust the Skill Tree Team and all But WHY?!


Why do they keep doing this?! In a game where the biggest melee buff is attached to a depleted shield, why do they keep attaching movement speed (something a melee character would love) to faster shield regen. They did it with Gaige and Unstoppable Force, and now this. I’m just sad. Lol


Roid shield-based melee combat isn’t the only lens they look through when designing a skill tree?

I love this particular combination of buffs (both for gun and melee combat), and I’m psyched that she’s got it.


I’m aware of that, but this particular combo always makes me sad. Because it means that I have a new loop to manage if I go that route. If they make a melee shield that doesn’t need to be down, this will be amazing for both styles of play. I think my issue is more with attaching the biggest melee buff to a fragile concept that so many skills are designed to defeat

They already DID in the last 2 games, they’re called SPIKE SHIELDS, and they automatically counter-attack characters that attack you in melee combat! I absolutely LOVE them and they’re my go-to everyday shields in both BL2 & BL:TPS because there’s a TON of enemies in both games that love to sneak up behind you and try to do a backstab attack on you! This way, they get immediate karmic payback from my shield! :smiling_imp:

For me, the absolute best of all are the Cryo Spike Shields, because they often FREEZE the offending enemy in their tracks, leaving them wide open for me to finish them off! :smiling_imp:

But, as always, Your Mileage May Vary. :wink::+1:

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I hope spike shields come back in BL3 (and there was the Manly Man shield, but the damage needed some enhancement). With that enhancement though, this shield is great.

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Spikes are back


But yes. The manly man is good when it’s buffed. The UCP made it amazing. Not even gonna front.


Amara’s skill trees all seem to have multiple focuses that work in tandem for the most part. Her Brawl tree is about Survivability and Melee, but also about close-range combat, even with guns. Mindfulness will be a great skill with gun-builds, but poor with melee builds.

But there might be a silver lining: If a shield like the Love Thumper is in BL3, then you won’t suffer from the shield Regen bonus. Sure, you won’t profit from it either, but the skill really just doesn’t look like it was designed for Amara’s melee-combat. Maybe it’s not the skill that doesn’t fit the playstyle, but it could be you not yet feeling the design of the skill tree.

Edit: But to be honest, I would have preferred another bonus as well. If they want to buff shields with it, then maybe shield recharge rate would have been the better thing to increase.

Oh, no. I dig everything else. It’s just that this skill reminds me of Unstoppable Force which is the hardest part to manage in my Gaige mobbing build.

I run Gaige with a Hide, which means she’s got a spike til it breaks. Nova when it does. And roid til it’s back. Awesome. She has Blood Soaked Shields which means she has instant shield fill on kill. Which creates a loop. If you manage a balance between an Orphan maker and a Moxxi gun with a blade, you can proc this safely at your own leisure. (To an extent).

Unstoppable Force is a skill that gives her a massive movement speed boost and instant shield regen, as a kill skill. So. For 8 seconds after a kill, if you’re in the thick of combat, you’re yo-yo-ing between health damage and not being able to roid strike.

For instance, my shield will sit in the low thousands, I take a hit, my shield goes down and the remainder comes out of my health. But then my shield is back to recharging.
This is great if my kill got me a DoT. But, if it didn’t, then I’m now just taking damage without my main way to return a slice.

And yeah, I can manage this by picking different weapons. And I do. But I’m just sad to see my favorite buff attached to my least favorite buff again.

Plus side: not an instant regen, nor a kill skill. So it’s more manageable. I was just really mad seeing the two paired this morning when someone drew my attention to it.

It’s just, my thoughts on Shield Regen skills in general are iffy. When you’re co-op’d with a melee character, you have to make sure not to ruin their play with your skills if there is a team shield skill. Those kinda things.

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Alright, got it. Well, personally I would like to see more Movement Speed buffs on Amara anyways, but maybe she doesn’t need them, at least in her melee-builds, as she has increased range and a dash attack as a Capstone. So the movement speed might not even be missed.

In regards to the shield recharge delay: It is a weird and unintuitive dance to manage that with some loadouts. But as it doesn’t just recharge, but lowers the natural delay, then staying in the thick of things could be enough to just have your shield down whenever you need it. And you might get accustomed to it more easily. I just hope that the effect of your shield constantly re-breaking isn’t as obnoxious as it was in BL2. Shock dots were the bane of my ears’ existence.


I don’t have to worry about shock DoTs, thanks to Grounding all my shields :joy:

But yeah, absolutely agree. Again, it’s part of what makes my Gaige build special…but it makes me wanna Rip my fingers off :joy:

From that post… I want to see a Zane Infinity + Duct Tape Mod build launching Divider Mini-MIRV Rain grenades. That’s (hopefully) 333=9 explosions per proc! KABO-KAB-KABOO-BOOOM-BOOM-OOOOM! Barring that, rain-longbow-singularity sounds really cool too. Although, DTM could benefit from homing/sticky, depending on aim… AUGHH THE CUSTOMIZATIONS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY

Don’t let your faith be shaken young one. Shield regeneration delay != shield regeneration. The easiest way to avoid damage is to “not take it” and with how dumb dots get in this game having a shield that is constantly warring against the dot is a GREAT thing.

Mindfulness is like wetting your clothes before jumping into the fire so to speak.

What is the “biggest melee buff” you are talking about? I just looked through her tree and didn’t see any melee buffs attached to having a depleted shield.

Roid shields. Lol

If you watch the Bahroo melee Amara proving grounds demo, while not showing explicitly the loadout being used, you will notice he has a shield capacity of zero.

In other words there is itemisation in the game to make this issue irrelevant if you want to build around it (certainly at endgame)


Yeah, the “Rough Rider” is back and works pretty great on Amara for obvious reasons.


Yep…if you have Sustainment the RR is currently best in slot imo amd the fact Amara only has 1 skill in all of her tress that boosts Shields.

I am fairly sure, this is a “Silence the Voices” passive. It gives you a very strong effect, but a negative effect that will hinder your power. Silence the voices gave astronomical melee damage, but gave a chance to hurt yourself.

Mindfullnes gives you over 100% movement speed, which is rather crazy. But it also makes it so, that roid shields will be hard to use. Maybe even impossible, if they work like they did in Borderlands 2. Where they had to be charged back to 100% before you could profit from the melee damage again once it started recharging. Or do I not remember correctly ?

However, for other Amara specs, this is purely positive. A “caster” amara who uses elemental weapons and her phasecast spell, can become very tanky thanks to this, maybe even very good with shields like The Bee.

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I dont see how Mindfullne will grant 100% movementspeed, its a 5s stack timer per hit you take, so you need to take a hit atleast every 4th second… 25 times, how likely will you call that?
Its not a bad passive as some movementspeed can eventualy end up saving your life, and if it works for each dot tic you take with a refresh timer per stack you gain, then i dont see it as impossible to get around 12-15% movement speed.
100% or more is neigh impossible id say :slight_smile:

Hm I would not say that. At the beginning, it would certainly be harder. But later on, when there are elemental effects and more enemies, it might work. Amara is not elusive like Zero and not as reliant on kills to heal as Krieg. She can stand in there and endure the punishment.

I however hope you are right and this passive turns out to be a burden, as I will not have the skillpoints in order to learn it and I would be jealous to miss out if it was too good.