I used to ISIC, but now I cry on the forums

ISIC used to feel tanky. Perhaps he has the same theoretical defense as the other tanks, but there is a catch. An oversight in this latest patch is that ISIC is 2-3X as large as the other tanks. He gets hit by EVERYTHING thrown at him. Especially when his wards are up.
His damage output in PVP has always been decent, but after a week of the game being launched people had not caught on that all you have to do to WTFPWN ISIC is CC him by literally anything other than a slow and he will drop his Ult.

Feel free to discuss but I doubt the Devs are reading the forums.

Meh ppl tend to use him to sneak round and solo the sentry anyway.

ISIC’s no larger than Montana, Toby, and Attikus? But he does have one thing that makes him easy to kill and that’s his crit. It’s large and centred on his, er, body? I always try to have a melee and a knock up or stun on the team just for ISIC, he’s a huge threat and if you don’t have melee and/or CC you’re pretty much done if he uses reflecting wards then goes into his ult, get him low and he’ll just cancel and dash away, tag him with Miko or Reyna and he’s virtually unkillable. I’m going to have to disagree with you entirely, ISIC is a top threat and IMO the best ranged tank when played right.


I dont think people dont understand how op wards were.
Just to compare
Isic old wards 250×5=1250 with helix upgrade 250+255=505×5=2525 (tell yourself that is not op all you want) not the right number cant remeber them but its not far off and scales has you level up. Granted you can take them down at the same time with ah area of effect.
Isic new wards 113×5=565 helix upgrade 113+113=216×5=1080. Scales as you level up.
Tody shield skill 510 (look how much closer they are now) helix upgrade 1020 wow looks alot more balenced to me. Now they just need to make it so that todys shield scales with his level.

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You misunderstand how large the wards make isics hit box. Also, remember that speed is a factor. ISIC is by far the slowest character in game. You have to literally talent into moving normal run speed while attacking. The other defenders you mentioned have significantly higher movement and smaller crit points.

All you prove here is that Toby needs a buff, which I completely agree with. Tanks that cant move REQUIRE more defense because people cant miss them. Every other defender in the game is fast, with multiple charges, full run speeds with shields, and does not put up a massive shiny “shoot me” skill. Instead, most defenders get overshield skills that go off quick cooldowns.

He isnt though att moves and sprints alot slower his crit spot is just as big but not in the centre. montana is about the same as isic in terms of speed. Kelvin crit spot is as big.
He still very tanky just not op

Tody needs a buff but his shield does not need to go to 1250 from 510.
Isic still really tanky ward still take alot of damage he has a shield.
You just got use to a very hard to kill character and now your not a god you think its unfair that you cant block all this damage when it is.

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The wards block damage (and can reflect projectiles) so it doesn’t really matter how large they are, because they block damage.

His movement speed doesn’t matter either, he’s a ranged tank he’s not supposed to be on the front lines running around taking damage, he’s supposed to be up the back slowly advancing while he pushes the enemy team back and forces them to scatter from his splash damage. When he is in close range, he has his wards, his shield, and his dash to keep him alive and help him escape. Then there’s his ult… If you don’t have a character who can CC, you’re going to get hurt. Imagine if ISIC had high movement speed, then went into tank mode and just charged everyone with ludicrous DPS and splash damage?

I’m not sure that his nerf was justified, though as someone who runs with a full ranged team I’m not complaining, but he’s still a top threat and a potent tank.

You really think attikus moves slowly? You’re wrong. He has normal movement speed and even moves quickly in his ult.

Normally? What do you play on? i will race ya
Isic moves slow when fireing but so does montana he sprint and movement speed and better than attikus when not attacking.

Everyone can CC ISIC out of his ult, and he is a defender, not a back lines person, that is called an attacker or sniper. If you think he needs to be rebranded, fine, up his dmg and call him an attacker, but defender is a joke. He has relatively mediocre aoe dmg compared to thorn, ambra, oscar mike, and kleese.
The game has only been out for a week, you think people can accurately cry about ISICs defense? Most people are still learning how to shoot straight. Another week or two and you wont see a single ISIC do well, ever. He has too many weaknesses now.

He as ah aoe attack so yeah its not as good as other skills but he can use it more often.
If you think he is not a tank with a skill that can block up 665 plus a shield that blocks 1000 damage i dont know what you want. He was broke but because he didnt do it gal style taking on whole teams not alot of people knew but is was hard to kill and with a support unkillable. He still the best tank and maybe gets beat my bordul when he has his ult.

He may be a defender, but his attacks are ranged, how often do you see a Toby do well on the front lines? If your character has ranged attacks you don’t just charge in fighting everything at point blank range where melee characters will destroy you. That’s like expecting a melee character to fight from the backline, there is no logic in it. ISIC’s a late-game character, the only ISIC players who consistently die are the ones who think like this and charge in with their tank then wonder why they couldn’t kill anyone and died all the time.

No. I play with an ISIC main and he’s still a viable character after the nerf, one of his best games was a 16-0 on Echelon post-nerf, we won every game we played when were were grouped up even against a few full parties and ISIC was MvP several times. This is an inaccurate assessment of ISIC.

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If ISIC is this bad then Montana must crying even harder right now

Better dash (fast, can climb up terrain, better stun when helix, cannot be blocked by enemies so you can always escape with it)
Near as strong CC
Better DPS
Smaller size
Better MS
Better survivability (Rotating shield deflect with a secondary shield with an ult overshield is a lot better than someone who just eat all the damage and has to be constantly healed)

They really need to remove the “Tank” tag from him. It’s so misleading. He doesn’t defend crap and just focus on killing. He’s a hard carry with insane survivability.

Montana doesnt have a tank tag
Yeah isic is fine now i dont know why people are whine his wards were insane.

If you reduce ISIC to his ultimate i agree , he is slow. But if you dont he is a fast moving killing machine. His main gun can slow enemys when hit overcharged , it gets +18% damge !!! with lvl7 mutation wich will be increased by gear.

The CC hammer hits you all the time ? Dont go infight if you see a lot of CC in the field. Support from the back. If you do it right you are annoying as fvck.

Maybe you should ask one of your friend to play Kleese. ISIC and Kleese as tagteam is sick³ .

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I wholeheartedly agree with this, the best end-game combination. Once both hit level 5 they can destroy an entire team together, the other three are just there to hold the enemy team at bay and keep them from leveling by applying constant pressure until that time. Kleese + ISIC on Incursion = a bad time for the enemy team.

The firs time i used ISIC i was very unskilled in the beta and dropped him immediately, then as more and more people started to Mar"cheese" I heard somewhere Isic could counter this formula… and OH BOY does he. When i really slowed down and learned how to use his charge cannon properly He does INSANE damage, Isic is one of my record top damage dealt characters with his ulti if you not immediately targeted you destroy everything I mean sentries, buildables, people, w/e.
However I feel people are over scoping on his wards they are not even better than Toby’s since they have only 7 seconds up time… 7 seconds to just not shoot isic… not a really huge deal especially since they have a double digit cooldown. If you were someone who shoots as isic with his shields up you are like one of those people who “Chase Singed” when you are clearly not supposed to be doing that. But being all fair and total i knew the very moment i used Isic he was incoming for a nerf, your base attack can mob down minion waves, has huge range as i can shoot marquis from the other platform, huge mobility as i can dash entirely from the gap of my spawn to the next platform, or up from under other people’s- and that ult… so much damage on objectives like phoebe and oscar mikes.

Montana is in need of a major buff.