I’ve been trying to beat the game as fast as I can

I just beat the game in 9hours 20 minutes, how fast does this compare to your times. I went from lvl 1 to 33

A lot faster than me, for sure, so gratz!

My first playthrough with Zane took 22h, but I took my time there and did some sidequests. Now I’m about 10h in my normal campaign with Fl4k and I’m just finishing Eden-6 now, show take another 3-4h to finish that one I think.

Sorry, I did it in 30 seconds.

Get on my level.

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I really don’t know why this is a thing. What joy do you possibly get by flying through a game? Please enlighten me.

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I just like speed running games, i’ve been speed running BL2 all the way up to the release of BL3. Its just how i like to play the game.

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