I wanna Live! (Krieg reference inserted for humor)

Playing mostly as Thorn, learning what I can but yesterday once I unlocked the Dragon I couldn’t wait to try him.

  1. I learned quickly how to kill everything, even if I couldn’t see it.

  2. I died a lot, not even sure why sometimes but I’d be surrounded for sure.

. . . Any tips on Steam Rolling but keeping alive?

Hey dude . Yesterday I finished master of el dragon , he is my main , el dragon is a late game pusher and weak at beginning of the matches , if u don’t have a healer with you until ur lvl 5 try to be more backstage building turrets and helping team on encounters . Wen u get lvl 5 el dragon start to shine . Lack him up code he have amazing mutations , for me he is n1 choice and love to discus tactics

Thanks…This video helped a ton too: