I wanna play as Brick

I want, no, need to play as Brick as a Vault hunter.

I think leaping around and punching things would be fun as Heck. Make him spec for health instead of depending on shields as much/damage reduction. Introduce brass knuckles.

The only real melee that seems viable right now is maybe Amara in her slam spec, but it doesn’t feel right. Moze Iron Bear melee/flamethrower feels weak.
Zane and Fl4k disappearing and stabby stabby is suicide. (They don’t have the tank).

I wanna get in some faces and punch stuff. Every character seems to depend on guns. You should be able to leap in, ground slam and get buffed to live long enough to get some kills. There are a ton of artifacts already in place for ground slam buffs. Too often I feel like I’m just unloading a magazine, then hiding behind a wall to reload. Fun as it is, I want to be able to be unafraid to really get up close. Give him buffs, like amara, for more close range damage and give him a shotgun and melee your face off.

Like Moze says, " gimmie gimmie".



“I punch the initiative!”


whispers you can play as Brick in BL1… :wink:

But naw, I know what you’re saying. It would be fun for awhile to play him as they had him in BL2’s Fight For Sanctuary DLC where they had him in the game at like level 97. He was One Punch Man for real. When he was around in the campaign mission I just let him delete everything while I hung back and chuckled.


There is a game called Borderlands. It is set in Pandora before it was controlled by hyperion. Atlas seems to have control (old Atlas anyway).

One of the playable characters is Brick. Which is pretty cool. If you like Brick it may be worth checking out. Should be cheap by now too :slight_smile:

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Aight, call him Chunk. I vote chunk. He’s Crunk Bunny’s psycho cousin that is hiding out in Boom Boom Boomtown. Brick taught him how to Two punch stuff because his skag died back in 2010 and he never recovered emotionally. Crunk Bunny made him explosive gloves that whisper nursery rhymes to him to pump him up!

Let’s do this…






I want to play as an insane Vault Hunter. The current lineup is too mentally stable.

You can, in bl1.

Why? Do you also “think with your fists”?

Never mess with someone who mastered Advanced Algebrawl.

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Did you tried her with this build? It’s one of her best builds.

I feel ya, brother. I mean, I wanna punch something right now just reading the BL 1 comments…

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I have tried it, it’s fun but I want something more punch related. More Tasmanian Devil-ish. It is fun though. :smirk:

I guess I’m looking for a more front line Tammy character. I still find in groups, that we all tend to end up on the out skirts shooting. I want to close the gap a bit. Mix it up. And punch stuff… A lot…

There is a fl4k melee build. Haven’t tried it personally but apparently its a thing.


are you this devoid of sarcasm?

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Wait, that was sarcasm? I’m SO glad you pointed that out because I would have NEVER figured it out myself. Thank you SO much for your insight.

I’m pretty sure it’s just people being dense and not sarcasm. :stuck_out_tongue:

I miss Prize Fighter, best skill ever :frowning:

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@Gulfwulf sarcasm confirmed. Maybe back it off from 11 though? This isn’t Spinal Tap :stuck_out_tongue: