I wanna trade for ASE 100% weapon dmg and 115% rad dmg while GB Bekah for my 57 lvl Fl4k

So I have my 57lvl fl4k and try to get ase 100weapon dmg Bekah and 115 rad while gamma burst and I’ll trade 4 anything
SHiFT ID:1735504341957264085

I write it here cuz i did not know that u cant read only fam mail.

I have a 115% GB Bekah. What you holdin’?

what u want, i got x2 hedgehog 0.55 per sticky lvl 57 i do not remember anoint if any and if it was blue or purple i ll chech soon

i found out also that i have stark krakatoa phasecast weapon dmg

it is purple no annoint 10k x2

I will take the Krakatoa.

Do you have any Skeksils or Vladof Pistols with zip rockets?

no i do not have any skek sils but since i am farming red suit i can look for them zip rocket pistols any specific annoint u want?

i jut got a blue not annointed zip rocket pistol

100% weapon ASE, elemental 2 mags, 100% Rakk, Consecutive Hits will all do nicely.

If you can’t find one the Krakatoa will do.

idc bout krakatoa i am not plaing amara anymore so i have np with trading it

i almost only play 8pm 10pm cest

k u give me bekah i give u krakatoa deal?
say what day

What’s your steam username? Your shift id isn’t turning anything up for me.

Steam: Meragog30